Thursday, 7 April 2016

Western Tuesday

I had a couple of meetings in Subang on Tuesday and well, was lucky enough to be "belanja" ed by the people I was meeting with

They're my friends lah (although we talked about business) so it was OK to take photos of my food. Otherwise, I try to refrain myself from doing so for blogging purpose. Hihi
Pre-lunch meet-up and we did it at O'Briens. Good sandwich and coffee.

While rushing for the second meeting, as we were getting late; I absent-mindedly left my handbag at the café in Empire Subang.

Good thing the staff kept it safe for me and called my office (through my staff ID in my bag) and I got my bag, all safe and sound.

I need to stop by the café and thank Puan Aimi properly next time. I didn't meet her and I should've thank the cashier more. Haish....

Later, I had a late lunch at Upstairs Café, located above Bawang Restaurant just across the street from SJMC.
My second cup of caffeine fix. My latte was good.
 Hubby's burger. Dunno what burger also he ordered.

As our party of 8 didn't come immediately together, we individually made our order at the counter and the bill was tallied later.
My aglio-olio.


The café was nice and has a nice, warm ambiance to it. It was rather quiet when we were there and that made it perfect for a lunch discussion.


  1. It's very kind of the staffs to keep your bag for you. Good job to them. Honest.

  2. I like aglio flavor spaghetti, it always be my first choice.

    1. Nice, right?

      I order depends on the mood of the day. Hahaha

  3. Thumb up to the staffs to keep your bag...

  4. Bestnya! I like sandwiches and burger.

  5. I like the look of that aglio olio, I think not many cafes can do it properly.

    Also it is so nice to see that there still exist kind people (even though is restaurant staff) that will keep your bag for you. I would expect people to take the iPhone and money and throw the bag into tong sampah nowadays. >.<

    1. True indeed.

      But thank goodness there are good people around. :)



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