Saturday, 14 May 2016

To Nilai, For Nilai Half Marathon REPC

A pretty last minute decision for me, to register for this Nilai Half Marathon.

I actually contacted the organiser after the registration was closed, and only registered on Tuesday after the organiser informed me that there were slots available in my category. 

Quite a rash decision as I haven't been training much and only started running regularly again this week, instead of once a week which was the case for the past 8 weeks! Adoi! Hahaha
At the REPC which is located in the Bilik Latihan 1, Majlis Perbandaran Nilai.

Friendly and helpful committee members manning the REPC. They allowed me to take a peek at the list of runners and I saw plenty of familiar names plus a number of very strong runners joining tomorrow's race.
Breezy REPC done.

With my big eco bag from the REPC filled with goodies!
For a RM50 registration fee for a half marathon, I was pleasantly surprised with what I got.

Apart from the t-shirt and bib (with timing chip, no less!), runners received a Nilai HM cap, a small towel, a bottle of mineral water and 100-Plus and also two Gardenia bread. Nice.

Very generous goodies bag, I have to say.

Puan Norleeza, a committee member whom I contacted beforehand for my registration reminded me about the flag-off time (7.00am) and also asked us to stay around for the lucky draw after the run. Some nice prizes are up for grabs. I WILL!

I don't have any expectation for the run as I just want the mileage. The organiser promised 6 water stations be made available for runners along the route and that's good enough for me. 
Done with my REPC then it was time for lunch!

There were a number of restaurants around the Majlis Perbandaran Nilai (a lot of hotels too) and we made a stop at one called Amira Bubur or something.
 Patin for me,

This ikan keli for hubby.

And Son had fried chicken.
Plus three drinks and it came up to RM28.00.

City price. Harga bandar. LOL

We'll be back to Nilai tomorrow for the half marathon. Maybe some Raya shopping later?

We're in Nilai, after all. :-)

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