Saturday, 11 June 2016

First GC LSD For Ramadan

GC is short for Gaited Community, a running group I somehow got sucked into by a friend a few years ago. 
GC members' motto on the team's tee - we  Run, Eat, Shop, Repeat. Hahaha

Plans were made to have a run in UM around the (in)famous Bukit Cinta route on Friday and the number of members & friends joining ballooned to around 35 pax on Friday night. Very happening run! One of the members even asked permission from the UM management for the get-together, just in case the uni's security gets worried about us all coming in a big group. ;-)
Some of those who joined, before the start of the run.

We gathered at 10.15pm (after terawih's prayer) and started our run at 10.30pm. Some arrived earlier and did a loop first, some arrived later, some left early, some left late... Some did 2 loops, some did 3 and more. But the main thing, we ran, met up and had plenty of fun!

The good thing about doing the loop, and did both clockwise and counter-clockwise loop was that we were bound to bump into other runners even if we were running alone.

I wanted to do a 55min easy run or something like that, but doing a run in Bukit Cinta can't be that easy! At least not for me! Hah Hah

Hard to control myself from hitting the tarmac hard during the downhill (the only section where I can run fast and I like doing it fast), very slow on the uphill (and even reduced to walking), chit-chatting and the in-between. So it became a mixture of easy, hill intervals and makan angin walk type of run. LOL

But it was sure nice to run with so many fellow runners outside a race, once in a while as I rarely do it. 
GC members finishing their third loop (I think) in front of the DTC.
The two loops that I did. Blue line is my pace indicator. Green is cadence.
Post-run makan.

Generous people brought a whole lot of food to be enjoyed after the run. Got drinks, ice, kuih, brownies, pavlova and even...

Thank you! Thank you! ^^
Group photos after the run. This was taken after the makan session and birthday presents ceremony for May & June babies were done.

It was a nice run with friends and thank you everyone for a great night out and all the generous food!

It'd be nice to be able to hit Bukit Cinta once a week for my training but then, I had to take pity on Hubby and Son too. They waited patiently for me to finish my run last night. Love them both. *muaks*


  1. Sound like a great and balance motto!! A very wonderful group.

  2. Good lah, run after berbuka puasa.

    1. Before also can... But too rush. :)



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