Buka Puasa With The In-Laws

We've not eaten out a lot this Ramadan, preferring to be at home and most times I cooked during the weekends.

Hubby's youngest brother in-law wanted to give the family a treat and we head out to Mid Valley Megamall last Sunday for a buka puasa together. And we went to TGI Friday's.
The family. Everyone made it this time.
But before we arrived, we made a stop at Son's grandfather's grave for a visit. This year is the second year since he passed away.
Nothing to tell much about the get-together.
Happy to see everyone again and we'll see them again during Raya (if no one has to work on Raya)...
TGI Friday's staff were good and friendly.
Food wise, since we asked to be served at around 7pm (and most served were brought to our table at 7.30pm) - they were cold from the waiting I guess...
 I had Tennessee Burger. A bit meh for me. I don't really like burgers... But I figured I need to eat something substantial as I was planning to run later at night.
Should've just ordered the Chipotle Salad instead. Huhuhu
 Hubby had Cowboy Triple Meat Burger.
And Son had the Tex Mex Mac & Cheese.
A nice dinner out and later we all went to finish some Raya shopping together. ^^


  1. Quite a bog family and it's fun to makan beramai-ramai. Food looks good but to bad your burger was just meh.

    1. 4 married siblings and 2 still single. It's one big family.

      Alas, no parents.

  2. A great get together with family. I love it!

    Your hubby's burger is very unique.

  3. Replies
    1. When it is time for Maghrib prayers.


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