Gaited Community long run at Bukit Cinta, UM. ^^

Our second night LSD during Ramadan month around the (in)famous Bukit Cinta loop.

Just like the previous GC session at BC, we submitted our names to the University's security people before our run on Friday night. We did this as the campus guard were wary about big groups congregating in front of the Dewan Tunku Canselor last year and we wanted to avoid any misunderstanding with them this year.

I guess it's good to do it too, as we're a bunch of outsiders entering campus premises anyway. 

The group wasn't as big as it was last week but still a pretty decent turnout.
Group photo taken at around midnight, mid-run. Just in case some decided to leave early. ^^

We started our run at 10.30pm although a few had already done a loop when we started. For female runners in the group, we stuck to the pack or ran in two. For safety reason, of course.

Mindful of the busy traffic that night, we made sure we ran in single file and only occasionally ran two abreast. Most of us had our blinkers on and some wore their headlamps. I was indeed grateful for those with headlamps. They lighted up the dark section along the route but when they pangkahed passed me, then the road suddenly became dark lah! LOL

The weather was perfect that night. After almost a whole day of intermittent rain, the night was cooling and it was such a pleasure to run around Bukit Cinta.
I had planned to do a 16K easy run which was good because I had kinda binge eating during buka puasa at a hotel buffet! So kenyang! Hahaha
My three loops and three "peaks" covered. 16K in total. KPI met! Yeay!

A number of us did 3 loops this week and some did 4 loops. The cooling weather really helped us during this run and even after 3 loops, I still felt great.
The group finished at around 1.00am and then we all lepaked around a bit, take group photos with those who were still around and eat all the food and drinks the members had brought along for the session.

It was a good night for all of us but we received a message on Saturday morning that a staff member of the uni had complained about runners not observing traffic safety on Friday night. Seems like someone had almost had an accident with some runners who either were not being careful where they run or their own safety when crossing roads.

We aren't sure whether the runner was from our group (since no one in our group reported any incidents) or not but it's a good reminder for all members about our safety while running.

Sorry Pak Guard!

This post is also a reminder to everyone to keep safe when running. Stay safe and run happy!

Don't forget your blinker, reflective vest and/or headlamp for next session, ya!

Special thanks to Hubby & Son for patiently waiting for me to finish.
And also Aiza for being so rajin to run at BC and making us all excited to do it too. ^^


  1. Safety is priority. Hope nothing serious happened that night.

    1. Not sure what happened as it wasn't anyone from our group...

  2. Bukit Cinta, ahhh I miss this place! Used to go jogging/hiking when I was studying there =)

  3. Lina, puasa still running?? Wow! Have a wonderful week, my dear! xoxo

    1. Life goes on as usual. Albeit more packed during fasting month. :)


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