Sanuki Udon For Buka Puasa

I wanted to hit the gym on Thursday so I suggested to Hubby to have our buka puasa at Mid Valley instead of going straight home.
We initially planned to go to Subway but Son wanted to eat something else so Hubby suggested the newly opened Sukiya at Aeon Mid Valley Food Street.
But somehow Son and I was more interested in eating udon at the sanuki udon shop called Kodawari Menya.
Their condiments section for udon though it seems Malaysians ordering Japanese curry rice pile on these items on top of their dish and then drink tempura sauce as soup too. Dunno what the deal is about for them... Hihihi
 Green tea at RM2 per cup and refillable.
I ordered Bukkake Udon and it was topped with a heap of Bonito flakes. Later, I head to the condiments section and topped my bowl with plenty of green onions and tempura flakes.
They have a Buy 1 Free 1 offer on selected tempura items so I chose nasu (brinjals) and Son had kabocha (pumpkin).
They were super big and delicious!
My Bukkake Udon after everything was mixed together and sprinkled with shichimi spices. Nyummmmssss....
Son had Kitsune Udon which is one of his favourite udon.
No complaints from Son.
Hubby meanwhile had Gyudon bought from Sukiya.
It pretty convenient to enjoy our meals at Aeon Food Street in Mid Valley. The shops have nice selection of Japanese varieties and also local food.
The ambiance (at the moment) is very nice so I hope Aeon management will ensure that the nice environment is maintained. The cleaning staff were efficient and helpful in clearing tables.
Kodawari Menya has two Japanese staff manning the shop at the moment and it's always a good sign when you spot Japanese people actually eating there. Haha
All in all, good value and food is quite good too.


  1. Ahh.. been reading a lot on this AEON Food Street in Mid Valley. Have yet to drop by to check it out though. Sounds promising. Will make it a point to drop by in case I need to go to MV.

  2. Huh?? Bukkake?? I thought bukkake is porn... never mind >.< ...

    I think I might have to drop by to check this food court out on my next visit home...

    1. It is a food term but it also has sexual connotations.

      Seems like non Japanese speaking ppl only know abt the latter. :P

  3. It's interesting to see a counter of ingredients for customers to top up freely. Such a yummy post, dear! xoxo

    1. It's that way in Japan. :)

      It's nice that they follow it here too.

  4. Hungry already la! :p

    I might not be blog hopping for the coming days, so here wishing you and family selamat hari raya!! ;)

  5. The food looks good. I also like lots of green onions.

  6. I love their condiments section. I loaded my noodle with tempura flakes, negi and grated daikon. I really loved pairing the chilled daikon with hot udon noodles. Yumm!


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