A Middle Eastern Buka Puasa Spread At D'Arab Station

Our rezeki when I received a confirmation for a blogger review session at D'Arab Station for buka puasa at their Alam Damai, Cheras outlet. 
Located at No. 36, Jalan Damai Raya 2, Alam Damai, Cheras; the shop is easy to spot even from the main road.

Pretty hard to miss, right? ^^
D'Arab Station is modeled as a middle eastern fast food outlet hence the decor is pretty much casual and simple. Not to mention colourful.

Red brings out the appetite, by the way.
Although small, the shop can fit a decent number of diners comfortably.
It's hard to miss this kambing golek which was roasting at the front of the shop. Pass by the shop, already drooling lah!

But then, some real Pak Arab came and bought almost all of the kambing golek, leaving pretty much just the bones! Huhuhu

Luckily, there was still some for us to enjoy. Phew!
Beside the kambing golek, there was a roti john station. Not just any 'ol roti john but roti john royal. For a non roti john fan like me, the one I had at D'Arab Station was delish!
Hubby with the owner, Dato' Haji Taufek Ismail who was briefing us about their falafel.
Dato' Haji Taufek Ismail, a very friendly, humble and generous owner of D'Arab Station; briefing us about D'Arab Station and the menu that are offered at the outlet.

While D'Arab Station is still relatively a newcomer, being opened in Feb 2016 this year; Dato' has had plenty of experience. Prior to the opening of D'Arab Station, he had been catering for VVIPs and Ministers and now, we all get to enjoy the nice food by the Dato's team. ^^

Dato's was very busy the whole night taking care of all the bloggers who attended the review and made us feel like VIP too.

Thank you Dato'!
Pretty soon it was buka puasa time and first, I tried these delicious roti john royal. 
and some of the kambing golek, like the ones hubby was enjoying. ^^
And the highlight of our buka puasa. The Nasi Arab, of course!
This is Combo 6 from their menu consisting of honey lamb and chicken. A tray of this, and the six people at our table couldn't even finish everything!

The chicken was good. The lamb literally melted in my mouth and the rice, soft and flavourful. Yummmms!

We were also treated with some falafel but when Dato' Haji Taufek brought the falafel around, we were already busy eating and no one was taking photos of the dish. LAPAR! Huhuhu
Son had orange juice, Hubby had iced lemon tea while I opted for the Arab tea. Not a cup, Dato' gave me a whole jug! But of course, to be shared around also lah. LOL

We sure had a nice dinner at D'Arab Station and was really full after just eating some roasted lamb, roti joh, falafel and the nasi arab.
For the month of Ramadan, D'Arab Station is offering their buffet selection at RM50 per pax for adults and RM25 for children.

A-la carte options are available too, for those not keen on getting th buffet option.

The outlet has combo options too, ranging from RM10 - RM65. Quite affordable as the portion is pretty big and generous. 
 At the end of our session, a group photo.

Thank you Dato' and the coordinator of this blogger review session for the invite.

We usually head to Cyberjaya for our nasi arab fix and now we've found a nearer alternative whenever we want to enjoy nasi arab.

Maybe I can bring my family (all 6 siblings plus Mom & Dad) here one day too!  For Raya, maybe? Hahaha

For those planning to buka puasa here, do note that reservations is a must for dining on Fri - Sun as it can get packed there.

For reservations, call 03-91083331 / 013-8481014 / 013-8441014


  1. That roti john looks yummy to me!
    So as the kambing golek, though I don't eat kambing la! :p

    Selamat berpuasa ya!

  2. Just reading your review I already meleleh air liur. Aiyo..that kambing...I want!

    1. Come come...

      They have other branches too...

  3. The nasi arab really is the best that I have ever eat. D'Arab Station the best.

  4. I like. A bit too far but then again you k now me la. gila gila one. Might just drop by . Yummmmm

  5. i teringat dia punya lamb atas nasi tu.. sedap kemahinnnn

    1. Sedap kan?
      I pun duk teringat ni. Hahaha

  6. Great food for buka puasa! Two more weeks to go before raya! Enjoy the holy month !

  7. OMG, the roti john looks so good! Love your smile, Lina! Have an awesome week, dear!


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