Dinner At Mr Kabab & Biryani

If you go to Presint Diplomatik or Presint 15 in Putrajaya, you can see almost a whole row of shops dominated by one restaurant and that's Mr Kabab & Biryani.
We are on a yet another lookout for a good and affordable Nasi Arab joint as the one we like which is Saba Restaurant is quite far, with the location being in Cyberjaya.

We had tried D'Arab Station and thought we'd try Mr Kabab when we were in the area a few weeks ago.
Instead of a sharing dish like we usually order, we chose an individual set this time.

Son chose the lamb sheesh kebab with mendy rice.
And me & hubby both had the lamb mendy.
and cool things down with Barbican drins, of course. ^^

  • very generous portion. We could've ordered two individual sets and the three of us could still be full sharing it!
  • the lamb is not as soft and just fall off the bones like Saba or D'Arab Station.
  • affordable as it only cost us RM70 for the food and drinks.
At the moment, Saba still tops my list, followed by D'Arab Station and Mr Kabab. 

But I wouldn't say no to making a return visit. 


  1. Wonder how the drink tasted like?? Fruity??

  2. If eat briyani, i need to share as find the portion of the rice big...

  3. Hmm.. I don't think I've seen that Barbican drink in D'Arab last time, do they also offer this? Look at the bottle, would fool some clueless people into thinking it is beer XD ..

    1. Nope. Not sold at D'arab.

      But available at some mamak/kari kepala ikan joints ;)

  4. Wah...I know I will very like!


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