Thursday, 31 August 2017

Negaraku Sehati Sejiwa

Negaraku Sehati Sejiwa is the theme for this year's 60th Hari Kemerdekaan.
Source :

And congrats to all Malaysian athletes for the awesome showing in the recently concluded SEA Games.

To all Muslims, Selamat Menyambut Hari Raya Aidil Adha.

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Press Release: F1 Recreation Flexes Its Muscle In Malaysia For TRUE Brand Fitness Equipment

Kuala Lumpur, 24 August 2017, Fitness Solutions and premium fitness equipment provider, F1 Recreation Sdn Bhd has been appointed by award winning fitness equipment and industry pioneer TRUE to flex the brand's muscles in Malaysia.

The target will be condominiums, commercial gyms, hotels, country clubs, universities, corporates and professional athlete, as well as those seeking personal equipment as Malaysia continues to battle against rising obesity.

"F1 Recreation works hard to deliver exceptional value to inspire and empower quality living and this includes providing fitness solutions to our clients and management of gyms. The partnership with TRUE allows us to extend our portfolio of products and introduce another quality brand and reaffirm our dedication to service excellene", said Business Development Manager of F1 Recreation, Mr Adam Soong.

"We are confident that with our years of expertise and skill in understanding and delivering service excellence to the fitness and recreation needs of partners, clients and customers of F1 Recreation will certainly pass the TRUE test", said Soong during the appointment ceremony in Kuala Lumpur today.

"F1 Recreation treat its customers as if it is our own business. We don't just supply equipment, we are there from the start, from design concept to marketing ideas to after-sales service and maintenance. We take pride in seeing or customers grow from strength to strength because of the professional consultation we provide".

The appointment of F1 recreation will see the debut of TRUE brand cardio machines with space efficient designs along with four different types of consoles that allows the long-lasting equipment to be upgraded with more features just by replacing the consoles.
Among them are Traverse lateral trainer that uses a side-o-side motion to sculpt the core and lower body as well as the C400 treadmill for commercial, health and medical facilities with patented features like HRC Heart Rate Control and TRUE's low-impact Soft System.

Complementing the machines will be TRUE's touch screen Transcend console which is equipped with a variety of entertainment features, Bluetooth connectivity and Internet browsing while the Virtual Active feature take users through a variety of picturesque settings as they complete their workout as they run through wild Californian trails, down the streets of Chicago, or through the breath-taking scenery of Northern Italy.

"For the past 34 years, TRUE has always promoted the delivery of superior products, service an support for our customers and our goal is to deliver the world's best premium equipment for our customers' health and fitness solutions. We are confident that we now have the right partner in F1 Recreation that will help us achieve that in Malaysia", said Asia Pacific Manager of TRUE, Mr Stuart Wigley.

"Our equipment has always encompassed the latest technology and safety features to give our customers the very best exercise experience possible with unshakeable peace of mind, which for gym operators or property managers can mean the difference between added value and added expense", added Wigley in Kuala Lumpur today.

"The problem is that many people think that opening gymsare easy. Just furnish the space with equipment and peple will walk in to sign memberships. This is where F1 comes in and gives ideas to differentiate", added Soong.
Also present at the official appointment ceremony were Malaysian bodybuilding champions, Lillian Tan, Syed Fadzil, Terence Teo, Rykiel Cherie and Jacqie Tan, as well as wellness and peak performance guru, Wong Yu Jin.

Monday, 28 August 2017

Race & Giveaway Alert: Educity Sundown Marathon Iskandar 2017

Sleep can wait this Nov 11th, 2017 as Educity Sundown Marathon is coming to Educity, Iskandar Malaysia, Johor.

After Penang edition in Dec 2016, Taipei in Jan 2017, Singapore in Mar 2017 and Qingdao in Aug 2017, Sundown is finally making its way south to Johor this November!

Registration is now open and details on the race can be found at their website:

and also the Facebook page:

I'll be doing another session of giveaway (right after I closed JBL 5km Fun Run giveaway, phew), so do visit my Facebook page for the announcement and mechanics:

And oh yes, I've received overwhelming response for the JBL 5km Fun Run giveaway. Thank you to those who participated and responded. You guys truly made my day.

Do enjoy the run on Sep 30th, 2017!

Saturday, 26 August 2017

A Soaking Time At Danajamin Mighty Run 2017

It's funny. Up to Thursday, I didn't have any races planned for the weekend. As a matter of fact, my training for the weekend was supposed to be a 17K long run which I planned to do on Saturday and a 50 min easy run for Sunday. Boring because no races to join but I figured, get the training session right lah, instead. Training all go haywire dy, I haven't been running much other than during a race in the weekend and my marathon will be in 11 weeks' time!
Then, a friend asked me to join him for Danajamin Mighty Run which was held in Cyberjaya. Talk about a stroke of luck! Yeay! Got a race to join! I immediately said yes and the next day helped to pick up the team's bibs (4 of us) at Menara Allianz.

Going to the REPC was easy and painless as I used Grabcar promo, the #grabcarseagames code and only needed to pay RM1 after the subsidies. Cool!

So, instead of a 17K for Saturday, I decided to do an easy effort 10K on Saturday and do the 17K on Sunday instead.
But come race morning, it rained. And rained.

The flag-off was postponed from 7.30am to 8.00am as we pretty much waited not really for the rain to subside (can run in rain mah) but whether there'll be thunder and lightnings that's dangerous for everyone.

We were flagged off at around 8.05am and ran in a slight drizzle. Despite the drizzle and having to navigate puddles, it was a really enjoyable run.
Elevation map
The weather was cooling. The route was quite friendly with only a few climbs (that were not that scary to do). Race marshal, crews and volunteers at this race were all awesome.

As I said, I only wanted to run easy and that was what I did. I didn't expect anything fast because I haven't been running much (this run was only my third run & workout for the week, after Tuesday's 1hr run and Friday's 5K) so I was quite surprised to note I hit pace 6.57. I felt good so I stuck to that effort and the next 3K was also the same pace. 6K of even pacing. Cool!

The next 3K (KM7-9) was slower as I started having walk breaks on a few inclines. The rain got heavier too at this point, and I can't really see well with my lens wet with rainwater. I skipped two earlier water stations but I stopped for a drink at the third and final water station although I wasn't really feeling thirsty.

By KM9, I can see Centrus Mall on my left but we still have a km to go. Damn mental woi! Plus a climb to pass by Citadines.
Then, another mental stretch of flat route to the finish line for about 600m.
My 2K splits. Slowed down around KM7-8 because I started walking while climbing hills. Hahadoi.

Overall, I really enjoyed my run. Chatted with a few friends during the run and also go kepoh worrying over a volunteer manning a junction because he was soaking wet and not wearing a rain poncho. 

Distance markers placed at 2km intervals were prominently placed there were marshals and RELA members everywhere to ensure runners' safety. 

A number of companies sent their teams to run so I saw RHB runners, AMBank runners (they really came in big numbers from what I saw) and Paynet - to name a few.

The Danajamin Mighty Run 2017 saw around 1,000 runners participating and although it is a smallish kind of event, it was really well executed. There were podium runners (both local and international) who came down to race in this event too!

Thursday, 24 August 2017

JBL Extraordinary Sound Experiences 5km Fun Run 2017

Calling out fun runners and music lovers out there!

Who wants to enjoy the night out by not only having fun with music & dance and also keep healthy?
Look no further. JBL 5km Fun Run is here.

Perfect for those who just want to enjoy the night out and do a bit of running too.
Registration for the Sep 30th event is still open at:

There are two categories:
1. JBL Combo at RM99.00 per person and it comes with a fun run slot + JBL T110 In-ear headphone worth RM69.00
2. Fun Run only at RM70.00

All participants are entitled to receive:
1 x event dr-fit tee
1 x event finisher medal
1 x JBL run/goodies bag with:
 1 x bib number & guide book
 1 x LED Finger Light
 1 x Foam Light Stick
 1 x LED Glasses
 4 x Glow Sticks
All the things for you to party the night away! Haha
Here's the route map for the JBL 5km Fun Run.

There will be music, dance, photo contest, food truck, game booths and inflatables so parents, you can bring your kids along too.

The organiser of JBL 5km Fun Run has generously given me some slots for a giveaway and I'll be selecting 5 lucky winners to win a pair of JBL 5km Fun Run slot worth RM70.00 each!

Details of the giveaway will be announced at my Facebook page:

Follow and Like my page and if you want to join the giveaway, check my post there on how to win it (which I will.update soon).

Giveway will end on Aug 31st, 2017 and I'll announce the 5 lucky winners shortly after.

In the meantime, more information on the event can be found at:
JBL Extraordinary Sound Experiences 5 KM Fun Run 2017

Let's hit Stadium Shah Alam and enjoy an extraordinary sound experience on Sep 30th, 2017. Party the night away!


Wednesday, 23 August 2017

It's An Opening Kenduri At Mamak!

Our neighbourhood Mamak joint had renovated the shop  next to it as an extension to their current shop and the new spanking place is finally open today.
In usual Mamak style, they held a free makan session for everyone!

The staff there even reminded us yesterday to come and eat as they would be dishing out briyani. Got kambing also...

When we got there, we could see a number of familiar faces and our neighbours enjoying dinner. We enjoyed ours too.
Very, very generous portion even if its free.

Thank you! Semoga murah rezeki and perniagaan sentiasa maju!

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Tofu For Two

Not really fancying anything oily or heavyish last Sunday, we decided to head to AEON Cheras Selatan for our dinner. Actually, we initially wanted to cook ikan taucu for dinner but never got around to buying the fish! LOL

So dinner out it was. Plus we needed to buy laundry detergents and cat food too. Good excuse lah. ^^

Dinner was at Ichiban Ramen which we haven't visited for many months already and we noticed the staff had changed but still fast and efficient which is always a plus point to eat at Ichiban Ramen (AEON Cheras Selatan, at least).
 As usual, green tea was our choice for drinks.

But Ichiban Ramen's green tea is RM2.50 per glass. *GASP*

Luckily, it's refillable and the staff were always attentive and kept filling our glasses. *thumbs up*
My choice for dinner.

Mabo tofu and rice.

The mabo tofu was nice but the rice was a bit hard and not fluffy. Otherwise, it would've been a really good meal.
Hubby had Mabo Tofu Ramen.

Their Spicy Chicken Ramen is quite good too which is one of my favourite ramen choice there.
Son however,  chose the Japanese Fried Rice set. It came with Japanese Fried Rice (of course la), a bowl of miso soup and three slices of watermelon.
And oh! It comes with this side dish of Chicken Katsu too but this arrived so late that we had to ask the staff for it.

To give the credit to the staff, they did apologise for the delay. Which is a bit of rarity for F&B staff these days.

Sunday, 20 August 2017

Satay King For A Treat

I've been hankering for some satay since last week but we finally indulged in them yesterday. 
 And we went to Satay King in Sungai Kantan, Kajang.

We first had a taste of it during Ramadan month when a friend brought some for our pot luck/LSD night run in UM and we absolutely love  it!

It's RM1 per stick which is reasonable considering the size of the satay and how juicy it is. Totally worth it.
No, don't click on the ma image. It's just a screenshot. Hihi

It's located at No 4, Gerai UPENS, Sg Kantan,Kajang. About 1km away from MRT Sg Jernih station and TESCO Kajang.

Saturday, 19 August 2017

SEA Games Marathon And Larian Sukan SEA 2017

First of all, a big congratulations to Muhaizar Mohamad for bagging a bronze medal at the marathon event in the 2017 SEA Games! Congrats too, to Leo Tan for his 4th place finish!
Excerpt from NST Online. Takde photo so screenshot only la...

The SEA Games marathon event was held on Saturday, Aug 19th 2017 and alongside the SEA Games Marathon, a run for public was also held, called Larian Sukan SEA 2017.

Admittedly, a number of us signed up for the chance to get the Larian Sukan SEA medal (got mention Sukan SEA mah. That in itself is rare) and for me, I signed up because I liked the route that they had published in the registration page. It look similar to the old Putrajaya Night Marathon route (well, part of it anyway) and we should be passing two of Putrajaya's iconic bridges.

Mana tau, when we received our Runners' Guide in the REPC notice in the e-mail, the route was changed quietly. There were no notice or announcement (that I saw) about the change and lucky la, I am the type that read runners' guide. Hahaha
We ended up running about 4K total on tarmac and the rest was on the cement pavement around the Core Island.

Admittedly, the route is very scenic and many runners stopped to take photos with backgrounds of Jambatan Seri Gemilang, Putra Mosque (Masjid Pink) and whatnot but that's not what I signed up for.
Hell, I used to do LSD using this route and alone because it's quite safe. Used la. Now, better run around my house and save petrol.

The pavement was narrow and although we still could run, it entailed plenty of zig-zagging. 

An advantage for the organizer for using this route was they could do away with traffic police and route marshalls. I only saw two traffic police during my run but they couldn't do much anyway with a huge number of runners and traffic still insisting to pass through and also runners not caring for their own safety when they were on the road section. (Traffic cones were expensive to rent for the whole 4K section of the road, I suppose). Only saw ONE ambulance & medic along the route as they were stationed nearby the Presint 18 Futsal court.

Plus point - the organizer did put HUGE distance markers at 1K interval. Water stations were placed at 3K interval with plenty of 100-Plus and water although it did seem that the volunteer struggled to pour drinks for runners. But never mind, can always be patient and get a cup anyway.

I ran with a fellow GC member for the first 3K as he said he'd pace me. I didn't set any target but he asked whether a 7:15 pace was OK and it was at the time. But I told him to go without me as we were approaching KM4 because I needed to do a toilet stop. 

Then it was running alone for me, and that meant starting to go slow. Hah hah.

Run, start with a bit of walking after KM12 (good job KM12 water stations peeps for cheering for us. Thank you!) and then by KM13, I saw two runners with GC t-shirt. They surged ahead but I caught up with them again at around KM14. I kept them in sight as a target (so I don't get lazy and start walking) and ran up to them when we reached Dorsett Putrajaya. Thought of saying hi, but I didn't know their name. Adeh. Huhuhu

Then one last incline (I walked up it. Penatlah), and then it was run to the Finish Line.
But not before give peace sign when people take photo. LOL

I saw hubby waiting for me at around 100m before the finish line to take my photos too.
The Finish Line was a bit of a mess because there was absolutely no control by any crew or volunteers. So runners were blocking the route as they were taking selfies and wefies and then you have approaching runners just finishing and all... 

It was the same during flag-off. I saw runners walking towards the Start Line from the opposite side as we were starting to run. And there were a number of 5K category runners already in the Starting Pen with the 15K runners when 15K category runners were flagged-off. No wonder the pen was so packed!

Then it was time to look for my finisher goodies and medal. Since there was absolutely no crew or volunteer to direct us anywhere, I just jalan saja. (Saw one volunteer giving directions to runners later. But one guy only la...)
At first I thought this was where we collect our stuff. Turned out this was booth for merchandises. Laaaa.... Like pasar malam dy...
This was the queue for medals.

Both 15K and 5K runners get same finisher goodies.
So, what else to do? Join queue lor.

It was supposed to be quite fast since it's just take one bag, tick bib and move but dunno why it got so slow. And dunno why need so many TO (technical officer) there.
All that hassle because I want this piece of metal. Hahaha

MASOC needs to buck up and relook at how they organize running events because it feels like it's been organized by budak sekolah. 

But anyway, it did brought a huge crowd to support SEA Games marathon event, right?

p.s. Seems like MASOC made another f**k up with the careless mistake on the Indonesian Flag printed in the Opening Games Ceremony booklet is it?

Friday, 18 August 2017



BANGKOK, THAILAND, 17 AUGUST 2017 – The completion of the FIM Asia SuperMoto Championship in 2016 left a vivid mark in the memory of SuperMoto fans across the world, with Malaysia’s Muhd Habibullah (Gabit) stealing the overall season champion title. This year, the season resumes in searching for the region’s best rider with its 2017 season opener happening on 2 and 3 September at the Thailand Circuit Motorsport Complex, Nakhon Chai Si, Thailand.

“2016 was an astounding year for the championship with tremendous growth in interest and fans across the world. The 2017 FIM Asia SuperMoto Championship will be more competitive with the return of top international riders and manufacturers competing for the ultimate title. I am confident that fans will be treated with more action packed SuperMoto races with the increasing competition between riders,” said Satheswaran Mayachandran, CEO of Asia Supersports Group.

Tony Nagamaiah, General Manager of Malaysia Major Events, expressed his excitement for the season’s return. “FIM Asia SuperMoto Championship had been a catalyst for the growth of Malaysia’s reputation as a hub for international motorsport scene. Asia Supersports Group has created a bridge to bond agencies and government bodies between every host countries through the championship. I am looking forward to the development of the 2017 season, and I am confident that the championship will lead to greater tourism growth for Malaysia.”

Thongchai Wongsawan, President of the Federation of Motorsports Clubs of Thailand (FMSCT), said that the race would attract thousands of SuperMoto fans across Thailand to witness the first race of the season. “Thailand Circuit Motorsport Complex has hosted various major local and international races. Over the years, this circuit has gained worldwide recognition by motorsport fans and enthusiasts to enjoy quality motorsport races. Also, hosting the 2017 FIM Asia SuperMoto Championship in Thailand will treat the expanding local SuperMoto community with one of the best races this region has the offer. We look forward to the race and wishes every rider all the best in the championship.”

The final battle between top international riders competing for the season’s title will take place on 16 and 17 December 2017 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The rider with the highest standing point will be crowned as the 2017 FIM Asia SuperMoto Championship overall champion.

Official OTT Channel Partner,, provides HD Live Streaming and Video-on-Demand (VOD) sports and related lifestyle content. Every round of this year’s FIM Asia Supermoto Championship will be streamed live via which will also have VOD and highlight shows for races.

Powered by E-Plus Global Sdn Bhd (E-Plus), will kick-off its streaming programme with the 2017 FIM Asia SuperMoto Championship curtain raiser at Thailand. “We received demands to produce and stream exciting live events such as the Asia SuperMoto Championship by our fans across the world. is an innovative digital streaming platform and will be the forefront of digital content catered to every market,” said Andrew Ching, Chief Executive Officer of E-Plus.

He added that corporations in collaboration with the streamed events could leverage on the channel for exposure. “International events in our live stream pipelines include the world renowned duathlon championship, Powerman series for Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia, as well as the annual Melaka Art and Performance Festival. Fans and corporations can look forward to a diversified content in”

19 top international SuperMoto riders from Australia, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Netherlands, Philippines, Russia, Singapore, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand and the United Kingdom, will muster for the SuperMoto season, competing for the ultimate pride for their country. Thailand’s ace and 2015 season champion, Trakarn Thangthong, rejoin the race and vows to steal the fame from Malaysia’s crown holder, Gabit.

“I had to sit out last season due to unforeseen circumstances. This year, I will return to the track and put on a greater competition for all the riders on track. During my hiatus, I have continuously trained and polished my skills in preparation for this season. I have high confidence in securing the overall championship title,” said Trakarn.

With all eyes on 2016 champion Gabit, he stated that pressure and tension rose before the beginning of the championship especially with the return of Trakarn. “My training began immediately after the end of the last season. This includes physical, mental and skills training to ensure an optimal condition for the race. I am looking forward to raising the championship trophy for my country again.”
For more information, visit

FIM Asia SuperMoto Championship is promoted by Asia Supersports Group, a consortium of three companies namely Bikenation Motorsports Sdn Bhd, Trade My Superbike and E-Plus Global Sdn Bhd; sanctioned by FIM Asia and FMSCT; and supported by Malaysia Major Events, a division of Malaysia Convention & Exhibition Bureau (an agency under the Ministry of Tourism and Culture Malaysia), Kelab Blogger Ben Ashaari and TX Sports.
 Image 1: (L-R) Kraitos Wongsawan, Organiser of B2M, Unleash the Beast; Patsorn Bhavabutanonda Na Mahasarakarm, Managing Director of E-Plus Entertainment Productions (Thailand) Co. Ltd.; Satheswaran Mayachandran, CEO of Asia Supersports Group, Thongchai Wongsawan, President ofMotosports Clubs of Thailand (FMSCT); Trakarn Thangthong, Thailand SuperMoto Rider; Andrew Ching, CEO of E-Plus Global Sdn Bhd; and Berry Russell, Jury President of FMSCT.
Image 2: (L-R) Kraitos Wonsawan, Organiser of B2M, Unleash the Beast; Satheswaran Mayachandran, CEO of Asia Supersports Group; Thongchai Wongsawan, President ofMotosports Clubs of Thailand (FMSCT); Andrew Ching, CEO of E-Plus Global; and Patsorn Bhavabutanonda Na Mahasarakarm, Managing Director of E-Plus Entertainment Productions (Thailand) Co. Ltd.

Thursday, 17 August 2017

Lunch Combo At Chili's


This was a few weeks back when my colleagues and I wen to Chili's for lunch.

I decided to order from their lunch combo since the price seems quite reasonable.

One main with a pick of either House Side Salad or Southwest Caesar Side Salad or Soup of the Day.
 I chose their Soup of the Day.

Look rather unappetizing but taste wise, OK lah. Hahaha
And my mains was the Southwestern Grilled Lamb.

It was supposed to come with balck pepper gravy but as you can see, tadak gravy. (or maybe it's dry gravy, I dunno).

Asked the staff for the gravy and she was quite surprised to be asked for it. Adui.

But I got the gravy later lah...

My lamb was nice and tender so no complaints about it, but my colleagues said hers was drier and harder.

The lunch combo for the Grilled Lamb was RM30.50 with a big dollop of mashed potatoes.

But for grilled lamb, I think I stick to Tony Roma's lah...

Or order a-la carte.

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Salmon For The Weekend

Hadn't had much appetite last weekend so rice was off for me...

Luckily, I could enjoy a bit of pasta for dinner on Friday.
Food Junction pasta. Nothing to shout about but bolehlah... 

Then, after my run at IJM Land Half Marathon, I decided to treat Hubby for dinner (with Son too, of course) as he drove me 50km+ to Seremban 2 that morning. To and fro.
It was a cross between sate or Japanese food for me but considering Hubby wasn't feeling well, I thought Japanese food might be a better option.

So we went to Miyagi for dinner and this time, I had Salmon teppanyaki.

The tummy seems to prefer hot food better than cold and raw food lately so no sashimi or sushi for me this time! 

Monday, 14 August 2017

My First Run At IJM Land HM

Four months ago, while I was searching for a half marathon to run in, a friend highlighted to me about IJM Land Half Marathon which was held on Sunday, Aug 13th, 2017.

The event was in its 6th year but I think I've only really known about it last year, but didn't sign-up for it. At that time, truthfully for me, the buzz wasn't that much for me to want to drive to Seremban 2 (or rather ask Hubby to drive me 50km to the race venue) to run in it.

It still felt rather low key this year, in my opinion; as although the event was covered in a few newspapers and they held running clinics prior to the event, I couldn't find much social media shout-outs about it.

I tried to read up on previous year's blogs on the event but 99% of blog posts on it were from lifestyle bloggers but they unfortunately didn't write about running in it at all. Hur hur.

So not knowing what to expect, I hesitantly made my way to Seremban 2 on Sunday morning. Not only was I hesitant because I couldn't find much info, hubby wasn't feeling well and I haven't been training much prior to IJM Land Half Marathon. There was absolutely no mileage last week (as we spent our weekend taking photos at TMMT) and I only managed a 5K on Saturday morning. Talk about last minute cramming session! LOL

Anyway, I sure was glad to made it to IJM Land Half Marathon.

Exiting from the Seremban toll, we almost immediately could see signboards for IJM Half Marathon so getting to Dataran Centrio where the race village was located was very, very easy.

Signages for parking area and surau were big and easy to see too. *thumbs up*

It was drizzling when we arrived at around 5am (got there early as I had no idea what the flag-off time was as it only mentioned on the website that the event will be from 6.00am to 11.00am) but fortunately it stopped later.
Dataran Centrio was already abuzz with activities and with runners milling about, even at 5.00am. We decided to take a nap and I only went and check the area out at 5.40am.

At around 6.00am, the warm-up session was held and it was a good warm-up. The instructor was even heard telling us not to overdo it as we won't want to be tired to run afterwards! LOL

The stage area where instructors were standing was good and well-placed as runners from all angles could see them. 

The starting area for 21km category, boys & girls category and fun run category were separated which was excellent for me. I made my way to the start line 5 minutes before flag-off and there was quite a decent turnout for the category.

We were treated with fireworks display before flag-off and off we went, at around 6.20am.

I have to say, I like IJM Land Half Marathon route.

The roads were wide for runners.

It's peppered with long but (thankfully) gradual climbs so we got a pretty nice rolling route to make it stay interesting.

The volunteers  were cheerful. 

The air felt fresh and it sure was nice to be running outside the city.

I felt great!

I didn't realise a friend was running beside me at around KM2 as he tried to take selfies of us running together. But when I did, we chatted a bit and I realised then, that I was running way too fast for my current fitness level at 7.10 min pace. Adeh.

He later surged ahead by KM3 and I ran alone, just enjoying the scenery and stopping at ALL water stations. As usual, I only drank water and skipped the 100-plus.

It was at around KM4 (if I am not mistaken) that we saw the lead runners already making their u-turn at the other side of the road. Later we saw more runners as we approached Petronas station but still no u-turn in sight for us!

The route even brought us running to the IJM Land office and then, finally the u-turn and downhill section. Wooohooo!

I was pleasantly surprised that I still could run non-stop without walk breaks at KM8 because I had expected that  with my lack of mileage and training, I'd struggle after 5km but I was still feeling good albeit not running that fast lah.

I was careful not to over-exert myself and kept my effort to Zone 3 and it paid off.
Banana and water station at KM11 ish(?) I think. They served pisang mas and plain water here but by the time I got there, paper cups had already run out so we drank out of bottle. 

There was another water station just up ahead (less than 2km apart) and no shortages there and at other subsequent water stations. In fact, KM15 WS still had plenty of drinks for runners.

KM13 water station was the chirpiest and noisest water station of all and I appreciate their spirit. Thank you for the cheers!

By KM12, I could see 10K runners merging with half marathoners on the other side of the road  but I still got a long way to go to get there. And a few more climbs to tackle.

The climb from KM13 to KM15 was particularly long and while at first, I was relieved to see the downhill section from KM15 to KM16, it was short-lived.
Because as we approached KM16 (and the second checkpoint spot - the first one was located at IJM Land ofice), we arrived to the foot of a hill and had to proceed going up that blasted hill. 

Most of us were reduced to walking by now. Hahaha
Halfway up the hill.

Nice view of the housing area but after running for 2-hours, I was just cursing and holding on tight to the railing and move slowly upwards.
The RD sure has a weird sense of humor. Not only we had to climb that steep hill, we had to endure stairs too! Banyak jahat RD ni!

At this point, my heart rate spiked to 170!!! @.@
When I arrived to the peak, I finally appreciate the reason the RD made us go through this particular section.

It's to introduce the well-maintained Hill Park to us out-of-towners. 

Got dinosaur some more there, you know!

I was greeted here by a friend who was a crew, with a big, evil grin! She later told us via instagram that she did received a lot of "curses" from runners. HAHAHA

It was a 1km climb (plus park area), and from KM17 to 18 it was blissfully a downhill so we could run and make up to lost time spent earlier huffing and puffing up those stairs.

And at the last km, we were served yet another climb (just a short one, thankfully) before we made our final dash to the finish line.
It was indeed a very nice run and I was sure glad I decided to run in it despite my earlier indecision.

At the moment, this is my second favourite half marathon route, after Bukit Jalil Half Marathon.

The emcee was good.
The marshalling and traffic control were superb.
Crew and volunteers at the water stations were awesome.
Distance markers were big and placed at 1km apart.
There were those who cheered for us as we were running towards the finish line.
The route was nice and we were served with plenty of climbs (including stairs!)
Race village layout was great and spacious and runners were able to mingle around without feeling cramped.

All in all, a very good Sunday outing for me.
Thank you to IJM Land for this very nice run.

And oh, special mention to Seremban drivers. Very patient and understanding.

I've so far done three races that's related to IJM this year.
First one was the P.S.P. King of Forest at Pantai Sentral Park.
Second one was the Besraya Highway Duo Challenge.
And the third one at the IJM Land Half Marathon.
I'll be doing the NPE Highway Duo Challenge next and with the excellent experience from the three earlier races, I'm setting high hopes for NPE Duo Highway Challenge now!

Photos of some HM finishers can be found over at my FB page @CikArnab
Results of the run is available at

But one point if I might add. Instead of giving us timing behind winner which I think 90% of us couldn't give a crap about, why not give us timing splits at the checkpoint in the result?

Saturday, 12 August 2017

Chill Friday

We always spend Friday evenings at a bookstore before we head home and read for a bit (and occasionally, Mommy will accidentally buy a book or magazine or something)...

But it's really been awhile since we enjoyed Starbucks coffee or drinks.

Mommy has kinda stopped enjoying her coffee fix there as she stopped liking too sweet drinks and Starbucks has plenty of too sweet drinks! Hahaha
But we enjoyed two frappucinos on Friday, because it's FREE!

The two boys redeemeed them through uMobile Terer Thursday promotion and we shared it while reading at Borders, Gardens Mall. Chill...

Last week Terer Thursday was macaron from Komugi (heaven!).

Maybe I should jump and change from Maxis to uMobile lah... So much freebies there! LOL

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Race Alerts : November Races

These are the races under my radar for November.

I've got almost all my weekends from Aug - Oct filled already and now it's time to set my sight on the last two months of 2017 and also look for 2018 races. 
First up is Malaysia's premier night marathon, Putrajaya Night Marathon.

I plan to sign up soon and do the full marathon.

I hope the organiser won't be changing their route at the last minute as what had happened to Larian Sukan SEA 2017. I know its probably inevitable but when you signed up because you were interested to run a certain route only to see it changed to your old, normal training route... Sure get disappointed also kan?
The week after PNM will be the MKH Kajang International 12-hour Walk which I already signed up for, months ago. 

But there's also another short run on Nov 11th, which is in the morning (the walk will be held at night on Nov 11) and that's the MQA Run. 
It will be held at Bangunan Mercu MQA, Cyberjaya and has categories of 15km/10km and 5km fun run.

Looks fun! The registration fee is quite reasonable too. 

I'm blocking Nov 19th for a new marathon event (by marathon, I mean 42.195km ya) and that's the KUL Marathon.
I'm still waiting for further details but I heard registration will open in 10 days time.

There will be Penang Bridge International Marathon the week after KUL Marathon but I'll be skipping PBIM as the family will be traveling at the end of November so I don't really want to pack my weekends with races before our travel date.

Then it'll be the start of a new training season to prepare to Route 68 in April 2018 after our trip!

Wish me luck!


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