A Short Trip To Merapoh For TMMT 2017

At the last minute (like at 10pm on Friday night), we decided to travel to Merapoh to attend The Magnificent Merapoh Trail which was held between Aug 4 - 5, 2017.

I had registered for the run but couldn't run in it and had actually had to cancel my leave that Friday, although I had applied it much earlier.


We stopped by Raub and "tumpang" my brother's house to sleep before continuing for another 80km from Raub to Merapoh. 

Ya, knock on people's door at midnight to tumpang tidur. Huhuhu
A really, really misty morning enroute to Merapoh. 

We arrived about 1.5 hours after my category flag-off and although Hubby told me I could probably start anyway and catch up with other runners (yeah, sometimes he has this crazy faith about my ability), I didn't. No bib mah! Didn't attend the mandatory briefing the night before also. How to participate? Sure organiser won't give lah! LOL
We arrived, see see whether we could help but with nothing to do, I decided to "be helpful" and help out take finishers photos and give out medals. And I was there in time to see the champion of 100K arrive shortly after our arrival. 

With Abang Puzi, who is a legend in Malaysia Ultra running; we ran back and forth, giving medals to top finishers (much nicer to "kalungkan" the medals for them than asking them to go and collect it themselves at the finisher item counter) and then ran to get them cold drinks and apples as the crews were busy elsewhere.

Hubby was like, why are you tiring yourself out? 

Actually, why are we wasting petrol and toll money also to go there when I wasn't running or volunteering at the race? Hahaha

Partly to support runners in any way that we could. 

One is by taking their photos. I took photos just for 10 hours though. We stopped at 5pm as we wanted to go buy some jeruk before the roadside jeruk stalls closes for the evening.

Thankfully, the price was still the same as when we went to Merapoh last year. Belum naik harga. Phew.

Bought some for us and some for my brother. ^^

Then, the family went to a nearby stream to mandi-manda a bit and enjoy the cold water. Syiok wor.
And we stayed for dinner because The Magnificent Merapoh Trail always has roast kambing for dinner!

Thank you organiser for letting us share runners' drinks and food. The tilapia percik for lunch was nice (despite having to navigate through the bones). Kambing bakar for dinner was awesomely sedap!

With nothing much to do in the evening and having no commitment at the race, we left Merapoh after dinner and although we initially thought of stopping by my parents' house for the night, we just made a short stop in Raub before driving back to KL.

Arrived home at midnight safely and soundly.

It was a good day, witnessing the runners hard work and triumphs at the trail race. It did made me realise how I miss "suffering" at these kind of races. wakaka

I hope runners enjoy the photos I took although it wasn't much and certainly wasn't all that good. 

Photo albums can be seen here:

Results of the race can be checked at this link.

Congrats to everybody. Perhaps I'll see you guys there again next year?


  1. Your brother must be surprised to see you guys coming to his house!!

    I thought it was a fun event. And wow! A whole roasted goat!! I can imagine how tasty it was. Lol.

    1. There were 4 of roast goat that evening to cater to all runners & crews! LOL

  2. Wahahahaha! Your midnight to midnight events were so packed. It made your tolls and petrol worthwhile when you came back happily with memories and jeruk.

  3. Love those preserved fruits, dear! xoxo

  4. Oh! I love jeruk. Would sure come back with a few bottles :)

    1. I wanted to but only bought two for ourselves. ;)


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