Race Alerts : November Races

These are the races under my radar for November.

I've got almost all my weekends from Aug - Oct filled already and now it's time to set my sight on the last two months of 2017 and also look for 2018 races. 
First up is Malaysia's premier night marathon, Putrajaya Night Marathon.

I plan to sign up soon and do the full marathon.

I hope the organiser won't be changing their route at the last minute as what had happened to Larian Sukan SEA 2017. I know its probably inevitable but when you signed up because you were interested to run a certain route only to see it changed to your old, normal training route... Sure get disappointed also kan?
The week after PNM will be the MKH Kajang International 12-hour Walk which I already signed up for, months ago. 

But there's also another short run on Nov 11th, which is in the morning (the walk will be held at night on Nov 11) and that's the MQA Run. 
It will be held at Bangunan Mercu MQA, Cyberjaya and has categories of 15km/10km and 5km fun run.

Looks fun! The registration fee is quite reasonable too. 

I'm blocking Nov 19th for a new marathon event (by marathon, I mean 42.195km ya) and that's the KUL Marathon.
I'm still waiting for further details but I heard registration will open in 10 days time.

There will be Penang Bridge International Marathon the week after KUL Marathon but I'll be skipping PBIM as the family will be traveling at the end of November so I don't really want to pack my weekends with races before our travel date.

Then it'll be the start of a new training season to prepare to Route 68 in April 2018 after our trip!

Wish me luck!


  1. I really salute all the runners who could endure this 8pm to 8am!!!! How to keep your eyes open and not feeling sleepy? Please teach me.

    1. After finish, we sleep whole day la Anay πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


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