Tuesday Is Bento Day

I usually put aside Tuesday evening for gym session and Hubby & Son used the time to "jalan-jalan" around the mall while waiting for me.

I'd finish by 7.30pm and then we'd wait a bit before having a rather late dinner.

Because around 8.00pm, the bento section at Aeon's Food Station will start having discount!
30% discount for the bento. Not a bad deal. The bento also quite sedap. 

And I do like their nikujaga (beef & potato stew) a lot.


  1. 30% discount is worth the sweat!!

    I love bento. Can have more dishes in one. ^^

    1. The wait. Sweat, everyday also must sweat! LOL

  2. I agree with you on the discounted Bento sets at Aeon. Their food is sedap and worth it. You were the one who taught me this!! HaHa...

  3. Looks good and very good deal! Too bad I don't go out at that hour.


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