Tofu For Two

Not really fancying anything oily or heavyish last Sunday, we decided to head to AEON Cheras Selatan for our dinner. Actually, we initially wanted to cook ikan taucu for dinner but never got around to buying the fish! LOL

So dinner out it was. Plus we needed to buy laundry detergents and cat food too. Good excuse lah. ^^

Dinner was at Ichiban Ramen which we haven't visited for many months already and we noticed the staff had changed but still fast and efficient which is always a plus point to eat at Ichiban Ramen (AEON Cheras Selatan, at least).
 As usual, green tea was our choice for drinks.

But Ichiban Ramen's green tea is RM2.50 per glass. *GASP*

Luckily, it's refillable and the staff were always attentive and kept filling our glasses. *thumbs up*
My choice for dinner.

Mabo tofu and rice.

The mabo tofu was nice but the rice was a bit hard and not fluffy. Otherwise, it would've been a really good meal.
Hubby had Mabo Tofu Ramen.

Their Spicy Chicken Ramen is quite good too which is one of my favourite ramen choice there.
Son however,  chose the Japanese Fried Rice set. It came with Japanese Fried Rice (of course la), a bowl of miso soup and three slices of watermelon.
And oh! It comes with this side dish of Chicken Katsu too but this arrived so late that we had to ask the staff for it.

To give the credit to the staff, they did apologise for the delay. Which is a bit of rarity for F&B staff these days.


  1. Long time did not have mapo tofu. I like the slight spicy dish but my family did not enjoy it very much.

    1. Ya, if we only eat, lazy to coom it ourselves also right.

  2. Lol....good excuse to eat out..

    I don't like to wait long for food too. Habis makan then only another dish arrive. Very sien


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