Dinner At Marmalade

As usual, on Friday we would head to Bangsar Village so that Son could enjoy time at Borders bookstore before we head home after work.

I was hankering for pasta and decided we'd try Marmalade.
Hubby had the Ginger Soy Salmon Bowl. This one is quite nice.
I had Aglio Olio with duck.
And Son had the Classic Bolognese.

Service was OK but it took ages for my Mushroom Soup to arrive.
I think they just forgot to joy down our order for the soup.

I got it well after I had finished my pasta and only after inquiring about it.

But it was good so never mind lah... I was in a good mood also that day. Otherwise, cancel order dy. 

Price wise, OK.
Portion wise, also OK.
Ambience, very OK.
Service? Bagi can la. 


  1. Oh dear. How could they forget your soup. But your pasta all looked good. I would like the aglio olio with duck.

    1. The food was nice so I gave them a chance and wait for my soup 😬😬😬

  2. Has been a while since i had aglio olio

  3. Wow! It has been a long time I have not stepped inside Marmalade. Good memories and the ambiance is nice. Must visit!

    1. Bila Anay mau pigi?
      Invite us also lah! LOL


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