MRT On Sunday

It was after my run in Besraya Duo Highway Challenge which finished at Plaza Tol Loke Yew and later breakfast with a couple of hardcore running kakis and I decided to take the MRT from Taman Maluri station to Pusat Bandar Damansara.

My friend helped me navigate going first to the nearest LRT station as we were coming from Viva Home and then I stopped at Taman Maluri station to transfer to the MRT line.

Pretty easy and the MRT station sure looks nice.
 The train's schedule at the MRT station.
It was after my run and I had thought I'd freshen up before taking the MRT but then, I thought might as well get a proper shower when I reach my destination.

Silly me. Completely forgotten that the MRT would be filled with people especially families trying the line because of the 50% promo discount until August 31.

The train was full and I bet I was stinking up the train. LOL


Anyhoo, my destination was actually to 1 Mon't Kiara as I needed to collect my IJM Land Half Marathon race kit there but of course, mana ada MRT station and 1 Mon't Kiara.

So that's why I stopped at Pusat Damansara Station and then called a Grabcar.
A Grabcar free ride so never mind la... Hahaha
I got a free ride because a Grabcar driver had cancelled on me when I "called" up Grabcar to go to Quill City Mall last Thursday. Ha! If driver cancel my ride, I get a free ride? Good, right? Hihihi

OK la, the free ride was capped at RM8 so ngam-ngam the ride I took to the mall.

So untung me. ^^

Anyhoo, MBB also got promo code for a RM6 discount with MBBMERDEKA code. I'll use that in future.

I finally had my shower as I dropped by the Fitness First Gym at 1 Mon't Kiara. Stayed there for a few hours before later taking another Grabcar to Mid Valley.

Then, after pusing-pusing the packed mall, I head home by KTM Komuter. Alas, no promo by KTM Komuter, so I had to pay the full RM2.60 for the journey.


  1. Gotta try to take the new MRT one day before the promo ends.

  2. Not bad eh, they actually compensate you for the earlier cancellation. I have yet to try the MRT.

    1. Ya, didn't expect it as previous cancellations weren't compensated.

      Later, wanna try go to Kajang and eat saye 😬

  3. What a day spent. In the train.

    1. Just a short while only. It was really fast.

  4. The new MRT trains are nice and high standard. I must slowly get used to the rides and prices which is not well justified in some areas. That's what I heard from our community FB.

    1. This time when its still 50% discount is the best time to ride lah. Otherwise, can be quite expensive also.


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