Press Release: F1 Recreation Flexes Its Muscle In Malaysia For TRUE Brand Fitness Equipment

Kuala Lumpur, 24 August 2017, Fitness Solutions and premium fitness equipment provider, F1 Recreation Sdn Bhd has been appointed by award winning fitness equipment and industry pioneer TRUE to flex the brand's muscles in Malaysia.

The target will be condominiums, commercial gyms, hotels, country clubs, universities, corporates and professional athlete, as well as those seeking personal equipment as Malaysia continues to battle against rising obesity.

"F1 Recreation works hard to deliver exceptional value to inspire and empower quality living and this includes providing fitness solutions to our clients and management of gyms. The partnership with TRUE allows us to extend our portfolio of products and introduce another quality brand and reaffirm our dedication to service excellene", said Business Development Manager of F1 Recreation, Mr Adam Soong.

"We are confident that with our years of expertise and skill in understanding and delivering service excellence to the fitness and recreation needs of partners, clients and customers of F1 Recreation will certainly pass the TRUE test", said Soong during the appointment ceremony in Kuala Lumpur today.

"F1 Recreation treat its customers as if it is our own business. We don't just supply equipment, we are there from the start, from design concept to marketing ideas to after-sales service and maintenance. We take pride in seeing or customers grow from strength to strength because of the professional consultation we provide".

The appointment of F1 recreation will see the debut of TRUE brand cardio machines with space efficient designs along with four different types of consoles that allows the long-lasting equipment to be upgraded with more features just by replacing the consoles.
Among them are Traverse lateral trainer that uses a side-o-side motion to sculpt the core and lower body as well as the C400 treadmill for commercial, health and medical facilities with patented features like HRC Heart Rate Control and TRUE's low-impact Soft System.

Complementing the machines will be TRUE's touch screen Transcend console which is equipped with a variety of entertainment features, Bluetooth connectivity and Internet browsing while the Virtual Active feature take users through a variety of picturesque settings as they complete their workout as they run through wild Californian trails, down the streets of Chicago, or through the breath-taking scenery of Northern Italy.

"For the past 34 years, TRUE has always promoted the delivery of superior products, service an support for our customers and our goal is to deliver the world's best premium equipment for our customers' health and fitness solutions. We are confident that we now have the right partner in F1 Recreation that will help us achieve that in Malaysia", said Asia Pacific Manager of TRUE, Mr Stuart Wigley.

"Our equipment has always encompassed the latest technology and safety features to give our customers the very best exercise experience possible with unshakeable peace of mind, which for gym operators or property managers can mean the difference between added value and added expense", added Wigley in Kuala Lumpur today.

"The problem is that many people think that opening gymsare easy. Just furnish the space with equipment and peple will walk in to sign memberships. This is where F1 comes in and gives ideas to differentiate", added Soong.
Also present at the official appointment ceremony were Malaysian bodybuilding champions, Lillian Tan, Syed Fadzil, Terence Teo, Rykiel Cherie and Jacqie Tan, as well as wellness and peak performance guru, Wong Yu Jin.


  1. This brand's equipment look really solid and good. I am very particular on the equipment when I use any gyms at hotels. If they looked pariah like most hotels in China, I would walk away. Those shoddy ones there were often squeaked. LOLOL

    1. Hahaha

      But I agree with you, Anay.

      Maybe I should ask my MC to upgrade our gym equipment soon lah.


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