It's An Opening Kenduri At Mamak!

Our neighbourhood Mamak joint had renovated the shop  next to it as an extension to their current shop and the new spanking place is finally open today.
In usual Mamak style, they held a free makan session for everyone!

The staff there even reminded us yesterday to come and eat as they would be dishing out briyani. Got kambing also...

When we got there, we could see a number of familiar faces and our neighbours enjoying dinner. We enjoyed ours too.
Very, very generous portion even if its free.

Thank you! Semoga murah rezeki and perniagaan sentiasa maju!


  1. WOW! Another mamak party with free food. They are kind & generous and will be blessed with abundance of good returns. Lots of Maju outlets now and semua memang Maju.

    1. Indeed.

      I think their name is good as it's like we're praying for their prosperity when we say out their restaurant's name. Maju. :P

  2. Very generous indeed. So nice to have a free makan on their opening day.

  3. Free makan! It seems like a trend with the mamak restaurant to give free makan on opening day.

    1. Ya.

      They're so generous and we love it. Haha


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