My Makan Club Year End Get Together At Flying Chillies

I wrote about an outing with my "makan club" at Pasta Zanmai a month ago, and for the year-end, my "makan kaki" decided to have a year-end lunch outing. After a few places/outlets' suggestions that didn't materialise (actually it was TGIF and Italiannies; due to lack of staff knowledge on food served and complete indifference of our request to have a copy of their menu), we decided against going for a western lunch and all that Christmassy feeling and head off to Flying Chillies instead for a spicy Thai food gastronomic experience instead.
Goofing around before the food arrived.

We didn't order anything special, what with out budget constraints. So the food we ordered were:
Mixed vege
Stir fried kankung
Special fire pot - tomyam soup with clear broth and thick broth. They were yummy, sour and spicy. The staff obliged to our request for more spicy broth and they provided it free of charge. Nice... Everyone's nose got runny after having the soup. :D
Crispy catfish with green mango salad. Sour, spicy and crunchy. Yummy
Green curry chicken
Pandan chicken without the pandan leaves. Crispy on the outside, juicy and soft on the inside.
I always have time to smile for the camera!
Busy in discussion. The serious discussion was whether we wanted to have desserts or not. LOL We finished off our meal with a cooling red ruby. Actually we wanted to have the sticky mango but there were no stock of it.

All in all, a very satisfying meal. I was pleasantly surprised with the efficient service that we received that day because service here can be quite slow at times. Also somebody in our group got a "VIP" discount there which of course, is always good. Next outing will probably a Karaoke outing for us.

All photo credit goes to the photographer of the day:Joey. Thanks Joey!


  1. syiok nya ada team makan2 nih.. tapi mesti org takmo ajak aku as member, aku mkn paling byk wooo.. kekekekekek :D

  2. Wow.. Looking at the food pics, my stomach suddenly growled so loud.. LOL! Tomyam soup. Yum! Kangkung! Aiyaaaa.. You making me drool la. And it's 1 o'clock in the morning.. Where can I find this type of food at this time of hour la? *Sob*

  3. Hehehe! kangkung and chicken with pandan we also have it back in my place....I think we have similar recipe..? always delicious specially when my mamma cooked it...
    Thanks for the smile...sweet...a good restaurant must be efficient....

    thanks for sharing...

    Hello thanks for visiting and leaving a comment in my for exlink with my man and food blog...

    thanks in advance!

  4. Wow those delicious looking food. Merry Christmas.

    PS.. Following your blog now, hope you can visit sometimes.

  5. The pandan chicken looks yummy.

    Following your blog now dearest.

  6. and that's a very sweet smile right there =)

  7. I can't stand so much spicy foods, just mild for me but for sisig i love it with much zing! hehe

  8. @Syidot,
    kalo ko yg bayar, takda hal punya. Aku pun join. Muekeke...

  9. @Angel,
    1am still awake? Can find food one in the middle of the night - go to Mamak! LOL

  10. Tomyam looks good, also the curry. I haven't been to Thai Resto since preggy. Oh I miss them :)

  11. Tom yam soup is my favourite favourite! Hehe

  12. @me,
    Mom's cooking is always the best. :)

    Let me hop over to your blog first. Don't have much time to do so at the moment.

  13. @john,
    Thanks for following me. Will definitely drop by to your blog soon. :)

    And Merry Christmas to you too!

  14. @chubskulit,
    thanks for following! Lemme shimmy over to your blog first. :)

  15. @Ayie,
    Thanks for the compliment. :)

    You can't stand spicy food? You are like Raimie. Raimie can't even stand Indian curry. We joked that he's not Malay. LOL

  16. @Evan's Mom,
    Why not go to one now? :) And do tell us all about it!

  17. @iamthewitch,
    and mine too! :)

  18. the green curry n pandan chicken looks good but the best is the 'unknown anonymous' person who has a ready smile for the camera ;)

  19. i would love the crispy catfish.

  20. @bengbeng,
    that unknown person actually "demanded" to have her photo taken, hence the ever ready smile. :D

  21. @wenn,
    it was a nice dish. :)

  22. @Lina, cannot now, the nearest Thai is in Jakarta. An hour drive just for food is too much according to hubby, lol. Must wait until I'm back to work :)

  23. I want to try Flying Chillies! Delicious Thai food! Yummylicious! : )

  24. I like spicy curry, I cook my curry spicy too but nothing very spicy. Maybe it depends on the food I am eating.

  25. I can't take most of the spicy Thai food but I love Tom Yam soup with seafood. How nice to explore food with "makan-kaki"... I have mine too last time but most of them worry the body going out of shape so I have mu hubby as my "makan-kaki" now!

  26. @Evan's Mom,
    that's quite far.
    But do you know some people here are willing to travel far just to go to a good "makan" place.
    Even me and Zaini travelled 90km plus just to eat seafood! LOL
    When are you returning to work? Must be hard to leave your two boys...

    try lah. Nice worrrr... but don't know whether up to your standard or not. :D

  27. @Ayie,
    Foong and I better take note and don't offer you anything too spicy when you come visiting!
    Foong, you can eat spicy food or not? :D

    tomyam soup is always nice. I always feel my meal at a Thai restaurant not complete without them. :)
    My makan kaki don't get to meet that often, so no excuse of getting fatter. One can always hit the gym afterwards, anyway. LOL


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