Raimie's Birthday Celebration I

Raimie is a pretty lucky boy. This year, he got to celebrate his birthday not once but three times! One with strangers (strangers to him, because the invitees were people that were invited by his grandmother) done at the community hall near his grandparents' house. Raimie got to celebrate his birthday early at my hometown and it coincide with the Hari Raya Aidil Adha on Friday, last week. That's why he was wearing his Baju Melayu for his "party".

Thanks Aunts and Uncles for helping out during his birthday "party" and making sure he had fun. Zaini and I joked that the birthday party was like it was a village chief's grandson party. LOL We didn't expect a large turnout, and lucky for us (and the guests too) we brought enough snacks and goodies for the party pack to be distributed to everyone afterwards.


After the party, it was time to open his birthday presents. Thanks Aunts and Uncles!

The second celebration was later in the evening, this time with close family members. My side of family, that is. It just happen that there are more relatives in our home as some of them chose to stay behind instead of going to the nearby surau for the "kenduri" (or feast) that night.

Later today, he'll have a quiet dinner with us and maybe a treat from the bookshop. Later in the week or maybe in the weekend, there will hopefully be another celebration with Zaini's side of the family. A much smaller affair than my family's but it'll be fun nonetheless for Raimie.

Happy birthday Son! Papa and Mama loves you.


  1. Lucky boy indeed, it looks like a grand celebration, yet another parties still waiting for him. Happy birthday to Raimie, have fun with more parties and presents to come!

  2. mak aiiihhh.. kalau gini aku pun mau jadik anak ko bad.. kekekekekekk :D

    happy birthday dear Raimie.. semoga panjang umur n murah rezeki. doa from untie shida, anis n adam :D

  3. @Evan's Mom,
    Thanks for the wish. Yes, he is indeed a very lucky boy. His luck for being the first grandson in my family and the only grandchild with husband's side of family. So everyone dotes on him. :)

  4. @syidot,
    takde maknanya... hehehe
    aku & zaini siap tak puas hati dgn mak aku tau tak. Ingat nak buat kecik aje, ala... makan kek kat rumah, tengok2 satu kawasan perumahan tu dia ajak. Tiga bijik kek beli tu beb!
    Seb baik aku takyah masak. Kalau tak, aku majuk balik KL balik tau tak! Muekeke!!!

    Makasih for the wish ye Auntie Shida, Kak Anis & Adam. :)

  5. Happy Birthday Raimie! *hugs*
    What a grand party! Almost the whole village came? :)

    So Raimie had 3 birthday cakes? Wahhh.... leave some for me next year.

  6. Eh! I wasn't invited! :P

    Kidding haha.

    Happy Birthday Raimie! Hope you get a fun out of it ^_^.

  7. @ECL,
    I don't know whether the whole village turn up, but it certainly felt that way. LOL
    We'll save you some next year. :)

  8. @ladyviral,
    sorry LV! I'll invite you next time. ;)

  9. you are indeed a very lucky boy!!!! My baby will have many celebrations too like him =)

  10. @Ayie,
    Afraid not. :) Don't worry, we'll give you a feast when you come here to Malaysia for your holiday. Deal? :)

    Looking forward to celebrating your baby's arrival, even from afar, Ayie!

  11. Raimie must be one lucky & the happiest boy on earth! Wow so many guests there surely he is tired opening the pressie... Happy Birthday Raimie!

  12. Wah!! Happy Birthday Raimie!!!

    Anak2 skrg sgt la bertuah!!!

  13. @Dora,
    he had help opening his presents. His Aunt (albeit a 5 year old aunt) helped him open his presents. LOL

    He was happy at big party and he was happy celebrating with just the two of us (mom & dad) yesterday too.

  14. @farah,]
    itulah kan... I dulu mana ada birthday birthday ni. Sekarang even the grandparents yg tak pernah celebrate dgn anak2 pun duk sibuk buat party utk cucu. Hihi

  15. Wah! Looks like Raimie is more popular than me! I didn't even get to eat a birthday cake for my birthday!

  16. @foong,
    I tell you, if you publish your house address, sure plenty of people would send you presents and cakes to your house one. ;)

    Eh, how come didn't eat birthday cake on your birthday? You were hiding from people, is it?

  17. Ok deal with a feast when we go for holiday trip there! hehe honestly now that I know so many people there it invites me more to really go for the trip. I know it won't be anytime soon though. With the baby, you'll all be updated about it =) thanks!

  18. @Ayie,
    It'll be great when we get a chance to meet you, your hubs and baby too! :)

  19. I'm looking forward to meeting you guys with my hubs and baby!


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