Popeye's For Dinner - Better Than KFC!

Well, that's what we think of our first visit to Popeye's at Mid Valley Megamall. The restaurant is pretty small but it has a cheery orange decor and the chairs were nice. Much less cramped than the nearby KFC outlet. (Ahahaha you should know that I'm no big fan of KFC)
We've been told that Popeye's is much better than KFC by friends and colleagues but it took us some months to finally try them. I guess we are not that adventurous when it comes to new franchised outlets.
Our orders of 3-pcs chicken set that came with drinks, biscuits, coleslaw and mashed potato. We added a small cajun fries to our order too. Our chicken were served piping hot, we saw steam coming out from the chicken bits. Awesome! I initially thought that I'd just eat a piece and pass the balance to Zaini because I was feeling a little bit bloated but the crispy chicken and soft juicy meat (compared to the dry, tasteless ones at KFC) were so good, I finished them all. There's no need to put any chili sauce or ketchup, those chicken were flavourful enough. The coleslaw and mashed potato were good too. The cajun fries were nice, the taste is kinda similar to the curly fries that comes with McD's Prosperity Burger.

Talking about the chili sauce and ketchup, you should know that Aminah Hassan supplied those to Popeye's. That's my Mom's favourite chili sauce brand.
Thumbs up from Raimie after devouring his drumstick.

Maybe for our next visit, we'll try the fried seafood. Mmmm.... yumm.


  1. Hello Lina, I love KFC, but never tried this Popeye's....from how and the way you describe it, and that thumbs up from that good looking kid, I must check it out, ha ha.
    You have a beautiful Sunday and keep a song in your heart, Lee.

  2. must be gd...should try it...but cant be found in ipoh..

    A smile from SJ =)

  3. I don't know there's this Popeye fast food in MV. Is this a newly opened one?

  4. @Uncle Lee,
    you must try it. :)

    You have a great Sunday too!

  5. @SJ,
    it was, it was.
    Cannot find in Ipoh, then come down to KL and try! ;)

  6. @Dora,
    It took over half of Domino's at LG Floor. Nearby the escalator going down to basement carpark.

  7. Slurps, the chicken looks crispier then KFC^^

  8. @wenn,
    Why not try them, when you get the chance to? I'm going for a return visit soon, we'll see whether it'll as awesome as our first visit.

    Definitely much much crispier than KFC. Even the mild ones (the one I had) had such crispy skin, compared to the original ones at KFC. No contest,this one is way better. :)

  9. I also don't like KFC! Apart for the fried chicken which is so tiny, nothing else is nice there!

    Popeye! Yeah, I'm sure it's much better. I heard it was opened in Malaysia like some 20-30 years ago, but somehow closed down. So now reopening?

  10. I never tried popeye's before... I thought they would only be selling spinach :P... ok it is a joke between me and my friends haha.

    looks like I have to go try now. :P You always bringing me to good stuffs.

  11. @foong,
    same case like Carl's Jr lah. Used to open then close, now re-open again.

    I like McD's chicken much better than KFC but then my son likes KFC so still visit KFC once in a while.

    Popeye's is a tumbs up from me.

  12. @ladyviral,
    Zaini and I joked about that too. Popeye's should sell spinach not chicken! But my son have no clue about what we were talking about. LOL

  13. Oh Popeyes has a new fan, lol! I haven't been to Popeyes for ages. It's rare to find here, we used to have one near my office but it's closed now.

    Yes their chicken is more tasty than KFC, but then KFC is everywhere so we always come back there. I like their chicken with red bean & rice (I forget what's it called) too.

  14. @Evan's Mom,
    I'm defitenely a fan! But then, it is true that KFC is so ubiquitous, you can find one almost everywhere so it is easier to go to KFC. Popeye's doesn;t have too many branches here in Malaysia just yet.

  15. We have Popeyes in Singapore too and I agree, it's better than KFC. :)

  16. we love popeye's! the cajun fries, mashed po, coleslaw, chicken and biscuits are just great. actually most of their menu even the cajun rice!

  17. @ECL,
    I agree. :)

    Ooooo... you make me wanna try them all now! LOL


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