Prosperity Burger Time!

There will come a time each year when we get to enjoy the Prosperity Burger at McDonald's. A burger sold when the time is near to celebrate the Chinese New Year!

Although the burger and the value meal is kinda expensive compared to the other normal items on its menu, it's nice to indulge in this fiery burger with beef/chicken patties (Zaini and I always go for the beef) slathered in black pepper sauce and with plenty of onions. But I think the price for this burger keeps on increasing each year and the patties keep getting smaller. I guess you need to be prosperous to be able to afford this. LOL

That aside, what I love about the prosperity burger is that you can get curl fries with it. I love curly fries. Yummy! Yummy!
Fiery black pepper sauce, so fiery I got heartburn eating the burger. Too much black pepper for me, I guess.

Raimie had nuggets with his Happy Meal. He sulked a bit earlier on, when I didn't take his photo after taking photos of my burger. He is not happy if I didn't put his photo up here!


  1. u shud post his photos often. he is a sweet child

  2. yea agree...with beng beng..his smiles..sweet

    A smile from SJ =)

  3. @bengbeng & SJ,
    Thanks for the compliment. :)

    He is a sweet boy (though I'd be bias since I'm his Mom. LOL).

  4. love the curly fries too! :)

  5. I never heard about McD prosperity burger before. Shall see whether we have it here or not.

    So Raimie reads this blog? Evan does that too, browse around I mean. He usually will laugh at his own pictures.

  6. @wenn,
    it was. :)

    the curly fries are nice. Tastier than the normal fries. :)

  7. @Evan's Mom,
    It's been around in Malaysia for some years now. A localised burger, perhaps?

    Though I remembered a black pepper burger at HK's McD some years ago. Don't know whether the taste is the same. :)

    Yeah, Raimie always checks my blog to see what mischief I write about him here. LOL

  8. i agree on the price n portion comparison to the previous years, i went right after i noticed its advertisements. but gosh, is the burger tasty! i am planning to go back for another. :p

  9. I haven't tried this burger yet although i went to McD tonight. I might get it soon. Hahaha...

  10. i ate prosperity burger before.. i didn't like it :/.

    hte black pepper covers too much of the patti taste. lovely shots.. now i want bigmac >.<

  11. @levian,
    I waited because I want to eat it during lunch. Cheaper mah.. but never have the opportunity to eat lunch at McD nowadays. :D

    When is your next trip? :)

  12. @Willie,
    Let us know how you like it (or not). :)

  13. @ladyviral,
    you don't like it? I do agree that the black pepper sauce can be too much. I guess this burger is for black pepper lovers.
    Gosh, it's been too long since I had a bigmac. o_0

  14. I too prefer beef pattie. Yum!

    Have you tried the curly fries in A&W? I haven't been there for a while but I find their fries are better. Coney Dogs are what I go for there. Their fried chicken is very delicious too. Best of all is their root beer float. Gosh! Talking about all these is making me hungry. Unfortunately, there aren't many A&W outlets in KL.

    Hi Lina, first time here. You have a nice blog here. Thanks for stopping by.

  15. Btw, hi Raimie, if you're reading this. Your sweet smile sure does brighten up your mom's blog. Keep on smiling!

  16. Yes it's unfair mommy, no raimie here only your burger? Well he's gonna be a blogger soon =P

  17. @HappySurfer,
    Morning HappySurfer! :)

    I like A&W fries and fried chicken too. Of couse, what's a trip to A&W without a root beer float? :)

    And Raimie will be happy with your comment about him.

  18. @Ayie,
    Mommy is the one holding the camera, so there'll be lesser photos of mommy than Raimie. :D

  19. Hmm I'm not sure I've ever heard of the chicken version, when was that introduced? The Prosperity Burger is my absolutely fave McD's burger; I just can't remember the last time I had one.. it's been a long time since I've been in KL during CNY time :( So next time you have one, eat it for me, k? :)

  20. I had the prosperity burger meal last night but found it to be much smaller than I remember it. It's either that or I've grown fatter since the last time I ate it ... LOL!

  21. @*lynne*,
    quite recent. I think it was last year. But I've always prefer beef.
    Of course, if they don't offer chicken then those who can't eat beef will be missing out on these yummy burger.

    Definitely. My next burger will be dedicated to you. :D

  22. @Nick,
    If that the case, I've grown fatter too and my apetite grown huge also!
    The size shrank already. What to do. Price increase + portion shrink is normal for us Malaysians, right?

  23. The prosperity burger isone of my favourite. It is the only attraction (and samurai burger) for me to go to McD..

  24. I don't really fancy the prosperity burger, but I love the curly fries! Yummy!!

  25. @samdaddycool,
    Aiyah, then you go to McD very rarely lah. :D
    Which in a way is good for you.

    Yeah, yummy yummy curly fries. :)


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