Year End Get Together

As the year ending, plenty of get-togethers arranged by colleagues and friends. A couple of get-togethers that I managed to snap photos. I organised one, for 50 people at the office and was so busy running around making sure everything was in order, egging people to eat more, mingle and not left out, I totally forgotten to take any photos! Pity.

It was a week of indulgence for me, with 3 year-end lunches to attend and I actually missed out one. Thank you for inviting and including me!
A next door department lunch that I attended. Yummy food all around.
A gift exchange session with my "makan kaki". We went for lunch at Flying Chilli's earlier. I'll post some photos about the lunch session later. The second photo there, we were busy picking up the ballot numbers for the gifts.
Two gift exchange gifts for me. It was a funny coincidence that those two gifts were of/from Japan. The first one was one IOU note from a friend who is going away for a vacation to Hokkaido next week. I wonder what she'll get me? The second one was a small hold-all. If anyone wonders why it is so funny to me, hop on to my other blog; Urutora No Hi for an insight.

It'll be a quieter week from next week onwards with plenty of people going away for their year-end vacation. It sure is nice that we won't need to work on any Fridays at all until next year! I love having public holidays on Fridays!

What's your plans for the Christmas and New Year break this year?


  1. wow..lots of celebrations..must be real hectic..happy new year..soon..

  2. Wah so many invitations. Presents from Japan? Hmm.. how come I never lucky with exchange gifts :(

    Still trying to get last minute holiday deals for this new year break. Not really keen to go on a trip actually, unless we get a good deal off course :)

  3. @wenn,
    It was kinda hectic. It'll be much quieter next week onwards as plenty of people already go off for their vacation.

  4. @Evan's Mom,
    It was great getting the presents but I somehow feel that somebody else should get lucky and get the presents from Japan as me & my family literally went to that country very year. :D

    Kinda hard to get a good deal now, everything is so expensive being a peak season and all. :(

  5. I absolutely love this time of the year when it's so Chrismassy and the holiday feeling is in the air! Love it!!!

  6. Of course food takes centrestage in almost all the enjoyment. Because we just love to eat, eat and eat! LOL!

  7. I'm planning to stay back in PJ/KL and not go anywhere as it would be peak travel times, so maybe I'll meet up with friends, go movies, karaoke, dining, shopping, just basically have a relaxing time! I hope the next two weeks will pass by very, very slowly : )

  8. @foong,
    I've started feeling that it's Christmas Eve everyday now! LOL
    Definitely food takes centrestage. That and the "kakis" second. :D
    Just before you know it, your two seeks will be passing by. Oh God! Just two more weeks before school starts and back to the old routine.

  9. I LOVE holidays too and am looking forward to taking a few days off from Christmas day onwards ... Happy holidays :D

  10. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I don't have much plans for Christmas except to celebrate it with my loved one. :) I guess the company is all that matters eh? :)

  11. @Nick,
    Happy holidays to you too. :)

  12. @iamthewitch,
    Merry Christmas to youu too! :)
    Definitely. It's the company you are with that counts. Hope you'll have a blessed celebration.

  13. i have been so busy i think i will just rest enjoy the break

  14. @bengbeng,
    enjoy your break. :)

  15. Dec is indeed a merry month. Happy holidays, Lina, and hope you'll have lots more fun..

  16. @HappySurfer,
    and to you too! :)

  17. thank you for stopping by and the wish. I hope your holidays are great. for my family i wish to go see my father and just to get though this Christmas.Looking for the spirit to arrive.

  18. @Auntie E,
    Time with family during the holiday season is the best (although it may sometimes come with a little bit of bickering with them). :)
    And thank you for dropping by too.

  19. we just attended hubs office xmas dinner last friday and it was great, no photos though. Hubs is the shy type so i obliged not bringing camera. I bet he'll be shy with me snapping around and it's in his boss' home. I had to prepare spring rolls as requested and all 80pcs were gone before dinner started!

  20. @Ayie,
    Wow! You made 80pcs of spring rolls! I love spring rolls. Can I have some? :)

    I wouldn't be comfortable snapping photos at certain places too, more so at somebody else's house.

    Many more xmas parties to attend?

  21. no more xmas parties, not so lively here like I said. Waiting for my baby showerS! haha!

    You love spring rolls? How I wish I can make you taste those! they loved it...


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