A Wedding Luncheon At Oriental Pearl Restaurant

On Saturday, I was on a solo trip to a wedding of one of my friends at Oriental Pearl Restaurant in Bukit Kiara Equestrian & Country Resort.

Entering the restaurant, towards the reception desk.

I was initially worried because I arrived 15 minutes later than the scheduled time but it turned out that I wasn't the last one to arrive. Sometimes, I do forget that we use Malaysian time. Hihi

The event was scheduled to start at 12.30pm SHARP but it only got on the way at 1.10pm due to late arrival of some guests. Typical Malaysians, eh? Myself included. Wahaha!!!

For those who came early, they got to see a beautiful slideshow of newlyweds. Lovely wedding photos of them taken in Batu Ferringhi Penang, Cameron Highlands and Pulau Redang.
Because the event started later, I got the opportunity to sneak in and see the bride before the newlyweds' grand entrance to the banquet hall. I didn't notice that I tilted my head that much. Haha

Then time for photos with friends. I didn't take as much photo as I want to, as I got busy meeting old friends and colleagues, being naughty changing seats and table too.

Same thing with the food served. I was too busy eating and chatting to get a good shot of the food. Anyway, not nice lah to kaypoh take photo whilst others wanted to eat, right?

The menu

The only food photo I have. The first course which was a hot & cold combo plate.

The Bride and Groom entrance earlier, before the food was served (of course).
YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAM SENG! Here's a toast to the newlyweds.
Carol and William, we wish you a lifetime of happiness together.


  1. me too. i attended a wedding dinner last sat. yam seng!

  2. 40 minutes late? sounds too familiar :p
    I guess we're using the same time zone.

    I never been in a wedding that started on time, even mine was a few minutes late, lol.

  3. @wenn,
    Yam seng to the newlyweds! :)

    @Evan's Mom,
    All too familiar eh? LOL
    Hard to go to an event that starts on time in our part of the world. :D

  4. i love wedding dinners for the dinner :) simple guy is me

  5. I never attended a wedding reception in the afternoon, all in the evening like 7:30pm. Yeah it's Malaysian style that it won't start on time!

  6. @Me,
    I'll relay your wish to the newlywed. :)

  7. @Bengbeng,
    I like the wedding banquet for the food and drinks too. ^-^

  8. @Dora,
    I've been invited for a few this year that was held during the afternoon. A new trend maybe?
    Anyways, if its dinner, it'll be more than a couple of hours, so I like the lunch ones better. :D
    Malaysian time mindset is hard to change.

  9. Congrats to the bride and groom. Nice pictures to commemorate the happy occasion, Lina. The food looks good.

  10. @HappySurfer,
    food good and the company better. Meeting old friends is one of the highlights of going to a wedding.:)

  11. One of my nieces had her Chinese wedding last Thursday. As usual, the dinner started late and ended even later. :P Singaporean weddings also liddat.... rubber time. hehe....

  12. @ECL,
    flexible eh?
    Malaysian, Singaporean, Indonesian... we have this trait. LOL

  13. why solo? well sometimes it's good to go solo so you can enjoy around without worrying much of the company you have with you.

  14. miss me already? hehe been off for a while!

  15. @Ayie,
    Both Zaini and I always fly solo when it comes to our friends.
    Both of us felt that we can't mingle much (read: flirt) if our partner is around. LOL

  16. good thing hubs is not the go getter type...all those years we've been apart many latina girls wanted to get close to him and some blondes too!


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