Who's Gonna Share My Enid Blyton's Books?

Growing up, I always thought that I'd be able to share my love for books especially books by Enid Blyton with my siblings or my children. Since I was 9, I started to buy and collect her books obsessively, using almost all my pocket money on books. Those days, a book would cost RM3.90 for her books that was translated in Malay and RM7.90 for her English books (I think I have about 3 books in Malay and the rest in my collection were all in English). A huge sum for someone who only got RM1.00 for her daily pocket money! And I do have a huge collection of her books. I literally beg, borrow and steal to get her books. For those living in Shah Alam way back in the 1980s, if you saw a little girl sitting on the floor in front of Enid Blyton's section reading a book at Berita Book Centre in Wisma PKNS during a school holiday, that probably would've been me. :P

I simply love the Famous Five (I wanted to be just like George), Secret Seven, St Clare's, Malory Towers, ooohhh I can go on and on. My first book that I read by Enid Blyton was Bom, the Little Toy Drummer. What's your first Enid Blyton book?

Unfortunately none of my siblings showed any interests reading those books and they were just stored aside, providing food for moths when I went to boarding school at the age of 13.

I wanted Raimie to share my love for this author too, but I think both him and Zaini thinks that it is to sissy to read her books of magical adventures, of flying chairs, of imps, fairies, enchanted woods and such. But do you know that I used to read out aloud Noddy books when I was pregnant with Raimie?


  1. those books are great

    A smile from SJ =)

  2. I only read maternity and baby books now but not really fond of reading. I just love garfield digest and archie's.

  3. @SJ,
    those were books at MPH. They should look good if they want to tempt people to buy the books!

  4. @Ayie,
    Did you read aloud for baby?

    I love Archie's! Hmmm... but been too long since I last read them.

  5. My first EB book was Merry Mr Meddle! I was just starting Std 1; my parents went to a nearby moving-house sale and bought a few of EB's books... I randomly picked Merry Mr Meddle, and kinda struggled halfway, complained it wasn't interesting, wanted to start one of the other books, but in her infinite wisdom (sarcasm!!) my mother said I couldn't read any others until I finihsed the book I had... luckily I didn't just give up in disgust! Instead I plodded thru that book, then consumed the others... and tadaaaaah there are LOTS of EB books in my "library" in PJ... I think they are still there... my fave too was George from Famous Five (I was a tomboy, so it wasn't difficult to jive with her!).

  6. @*lynne*,
    you too! And you like George too! :)

    Your Mom's wisdom certainly paid off, no? All my books are gone when my parents shifted house. It's a pity, but what can you do?

  7. Oh you bring back the memory :)
    My first EB's book was the St Clare's series, funny books. My fave was off course the Famous Five, or Lima Sekawan (couldn't afford the English version it was way too expensive!). I had a crush on Julian in the book, but then got disappointed when I saw the actor who played him on TV, he wasn't like I expected, hahaha!

    At first my brother said I was weird coz I read books that had no pictures on it (he was into comics at the time) but then he too loved EB and ended up buying them. So, no more bought, I just borrowed from him. He even had the comic version of Famous Five.

    I think kids these days will prefer manga over EB's.

  8. the maternity books not aloud to baby but to daddy! hahaha!

    I sing disney songs for baby and some other nice tunes and talk regularly whenever we're out and about.

  9. Your profound love of Enid Blyton and her books is also shared by me, which explains why I decided to write a book on her, titled, The Famous Five: A Personal Anecdotage (www.bbotw.com).

    Stephen Isabirye

  10. I used to have those Enid Blyton books and I enjoyed them so much when I was a kid. Now as an adult, I enjoy self-help, Christianity and suspense-thriller books.

  11. @Evan's Mom,
    I don't like the TV series too. Maybe for us, seeing the actors portraying the characters we know and love and they didn't measure up to what we imagine, we became disappointed.

    Your brother was into EB's books too. That's cool. Yeah, and you didn't need to buy the books yourself with brother buying it. Win-win situation.

    Are you going to introduce EB to your sons? I bet Evan knows how to read already, right?

  12. @Eni,
    Hi there! I checked out the site. That's a cool book, with the nostalgic cover (the book cover that I used to see on my EB books, that is)
    The book covers are now changed to entice young reader.

    George's personality was what I saw myself when I was a child.

  13. @bingkee,
    I think most kids grew up with EB's books and develop a love for reading through her.
    I don't read much books nowadays, I'm afraid. :(

  14. I'm also an Enid Blyton fan! I read all her Famous Five books when I was in Primary 4 and 5. I was crazy over her books.

    I couldn't afford any of her books when I was young so I bought for my young son. But he was not interested in fairy tales. :(

  15. @ECL,
    Yeay.Another fan. :)

    I only bought Noddy books for Raimie when he was smaller. But I guess any boys will not be interested in fairy tales, mischievous pixies and whatnot, both your son and mine included.

  16. Oh I'm a fan of Enid Blyton's books too! I used to read the Malory Towers series over and over again, all 6 of them! LOL

  17. @iamwitch,
    How about St Clare's. Do you like that too? I too read both series over and over, especially when I got the news that I'm going to a boarding school myself. :)

    Seems like plenty of Enid Blyton's fan here. :)

  18. Hey, I love The Famous Five when I was little girl! I guess this series is suitable for Raimie so that he won't think it's "sissy" :-)

  19. @Dora,
    I too think Raimie would enjoy both Famous Five and Secret Seven, but maybe those books are a bit too advance for him now. I'll definitely introduced them to him in one or two years' time. :)

  20. My god Enid Blyton!!! Dah lame nyeee tak tgk. One of my fav books while growing up!

  21. Oh Evan just learned few syllables so far, so it still long until he's ready to read a real book. But yes I will introduce them someday.

    Btw, thank you for adding up my link! I will link back soon. Just need to trim my blog list first ;)

  22. @farah,
    itulah... it's been so long for me too. Saw some Enid Blyton's books (with new covers, of course) at MPH, and nostalgia came over me. :D

    @Evan's Mom,
    Take it easy with Evan. The important thing is that he gets used to books and enjoy bing around them, right? :)

    No problem with the link. I visited your site each day anyway, so I might as well put them up! :)

  23. i come from u same era, i think. famous five and hardy boys are my fav colletion. my fav bookshop was also berita book centre that was located at bukit bintang plaza those days

  24. What? You mean that was you at Wisma PKNS? LOL!

    I LOVED reading Enid Blython books. My favourites were The Famous Five and Secret seven too.

    I feel like buying them now and reading again :D

  25. @Johnny,
    Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew were my favourites too, but obviously I like Nancy Drew better. :D

  26. @Nick,
    But I bet it will be as nice and enjoyable as reading the books when we were 10. :D

  27. It's not sissy to read books by Enid Blyton! Millions of children read it every year!

    Btw, do you know Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew were written by the same author?

  28. @foong,
    I remember reading about the ghost writers for the series.


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