Something In The Mail

I wasn't expecting anything in our mailbox and as it wasn't time for our bills and credit card statements to arrive, the mailbox wasn't visited for quite a while. That is, until I got a message from Ayie asking me whether I received anything in the mail.

Sure enough, I got a note for Pos Malaysia informing me that there's a package that I need to collect at the Bangsar branch.

It got sent on Nov 19th, but I only opened my mailbox on Nov 30th! As I was pretty excited and didn't want to wait any longer, I "bribed" the office despatch to go and collect them for me.

Look at what I got!

A pretty 2010 calendar. Thanks Ayie! The smaller one, I put it up at my workstation so I can look at it everyday.

Ayie, you have a really nice and neat handwriting. Mine does look like chicken scratch doesn't it? LOL


  1. Looks like you have a nice gift ^_^. It is cheeky of Ayie. Giving ou a calendar meaning each day you look at the calendar... you will remember her haha!

  2. @ladyviral,
    That's absolutely true. I'll think of her at work and at home because there are two of them! LOL
    Not that I mind thinking of Ayie. :D

  3. Awwww, you blogged about it!

  4. hehehe the handwriting? thanks =) Our whole family write that way and also it's needed in my work. I like your penmanship too, more girlish than my masculine writing.

  5. Hubs and I decided to send you the one with a small calendar since you work in an office, thinking you can make use of it there. I guess it served its purpose =)

    Happy Weekend!

    Btw, I sent your post link right away to hubs when I saw it. I know he'd love to see it too! Thanks Lina!

  6. @Willie,
    Indeed. So cool to receive a gift from a friend. :)

  7. @Ayie,
    Thanks so much for the present!
    Hahaha... my handwriting is girlish? You know, I really want to have a handwriting like my dad. He writes in a fully cursive hand. All swirly and with flair. :)

    I actually showed off the calendar to my colleagues coz I was really happy getting it. Thanks dearie! :-)

  8. aw so sweet of ayie

    A smile from SJ =)

  9. Wow! What a nice gift! how come Ayie never give me any gifts? : (

  10. @foong,
    because I'm special lah... Hahaha
    Kidding! :D

  11. @SJ,
    Yeah, wasn't it sweet of her? :)

  12. @ foong, better then give me your addy and contact info and you might come for a surprise too! hehe

    @ lina, hahaha bragging with the colleagues? I'm so flattered! hahaha!


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