Raimie Birthday Celebrration II

Last Sunday, we asked Raimie's Aunt and Uncles out for a belated birthday dinner for Raimie. Unfortunately a few of them were working that day  so it was just Zaini's younger Sis and youngest brother having dinner with us. Due to heavy rain, we can't be too adventurous going out and instead had dinner at Nando's in Alamanda, Putrajaya.
A happy boy with his aunt and uncle.
We got him a big birthday cake from Secret Recipe. It was the Cake of the Month, essentially a banana cake covered with almonds and honey. But Raimie didn't like this cake. :(

We joked that for eating a banana cake, we might as well buy Jusco's 3 cakes for RM10.00! LOL

Our orders for the night. Except for Raimie, we all went for the 1/4 chicken set. Whenever I go to Nando's, I must have corn to offset the fiery sauce I slathered on the chicken. Can you guess which one is mine? :p

Raimie had the kid's meal. Sausage with fries. Yum yum!

It was a good dinner and Raimie as always, enjoyed being with his aunts & uncles.


  1. happy bday to your boy

    A smile from SJ =)

  2. Birthday celebration lg ker? Bertuah sungguh anak mak sorang ni yer ;P

  3. @wenn,
    it was. it was. :-)

    Thanks. :-)

    Apa nak buek. Anak sorang. Hehehe

  4. Another birthday cake! Wow.
    Share please. :)
    I like Secret Recipe's Banana Chocolate cake. yum

  5. Happy birthday Raimie..... and i really like this name, so original and sounds cool too

  6. I say the one Raimie was having is yours!!! hahaha!

    kidding kidding... it is kind of obvious you know :P.

    I only ate Nandos once... I think I should go for a few more times :P.

  7. @ECL,
    I like that cake too. Wanted to buy it, but they don't have any whole cake at the outlet so had to switch to other cake.

  8. @eugene,
    So unique that some of Raimie's teachers always mispronounced his name! LOL

    Thanks for the wish! :)

  9. Ah the birthday sequel, lol. He looks so happy, too bad he didn't like the cake, looks yummy to me :)

  10. @ladyviral,
    I don't go Nando's much nowadays too. I think only twice this year!

  11. @Evan's Mom,
    yeah, a birthday sequel! :)

    Although he wasn't too keen eating the cake, he had fun just being with his aunt and uncle. :)

    The cake was OK, i love the almond coating the most.

  12. Oh, too bad Raimie didn't like the cake! I actually think Secret Recipe cakes are getting worse! Their quality continues to deteriorate. Wonder why! Last time, SR is my favourite place to go to for cakes!

  13. Yours is the one with corn on a cob! i love that set plate too! yum!

    he didn't like the cake? well kids would want something else like chocolate I bet.

  14. @foong,
    I think so too. And to think that I used to buy their cheeseccakes every month!

    It is a bit sad but I think that most Malaysian outlets are like that. They debuted strong; serving good, quality food with good service but it'll deteriorate over time. :(

  15. @Ayie,
    Actually, Raimie is a bit funny when it comes to food. He doesn't like cakes, chocolates, ice cream or sweets all that much. Do you know his favourite vegetable is brocoli?

  16. The only cake I like at Secret Recipe is the Chocolate Banana cake. Thick rich cake... Yum! Anyways, Happy Birthday to the young dude! ;)

  17. many kids love that veggie, well it tastes good =P

  18. Oh you didn't ask Raimie what cake he loves before you bought this one? Anyway, it's more important that he spent some jolly good time with the people he love being with!

  19. @Dora,
    you should know that sometimes kids chose based on visual enticement and not how it will taste and what's in the cake itself.

    We were already standing in front of the cake counter for a good 15 minutes before he made a decision. As a parent I learn sometimes it is easier not to ask for your kids opinion and use your own parenting wisdom instead. :D


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