I Didn't Intend To Spend So Much...

When I asked Zaini to drive me over to Alamanda the other weekend, I wanted to buy something at the Nike store there and I only had one thing in mind to buy.
I only intended to buy this Nike+ Sportband, after mulling over getting it for the last few months.

But then, I somehow managed to "accidentally" snag a few more items and caused serious damage to my pocket. ^^!
a pair of training capris. Regular fit this time instead of my usual liking for tight fitting pair. We'll see how I like them pretty soon. I actually like my workout clothes to be form fitting and stick to me rather than loose clothing, despite the unsightly bulge it might show. ^^!
and a set of weights so that I won't have to wait my turn to use them at the gym anymore. The ones I have at home are becoming a bit too light for me now and the ones at the gym are always hogged by "macho" men. :(

I would have bought some other nonsense too while at the sports shop, but luckily Zaini knocked some sense into me.

I wanted to buy a pair of running shorts too but Zaini said I'd look ugly in them, me and cottage cheese thigh do not make an appealing sight! (T~T)

Anyway, after using my Nike+ Sportband and after calibrating it for a more accurate reading; I realised that I've been running further than I thought I had! About 2-3km more! Imagine that.

I was pretty bummed entering the month of July actually, because I thought I failed to reach my target of running 10K by end of June, and by the look of it after running with the Sportsband, I did reach my 10K target! WOOT! WOOT!

Now, I'm changing my target and reduce the distance I run for the fasting month, so I'll just try to run 5K faster. I don't have much time to run next month and I sure as heck don't want to run so late in the night or so early in the morning! (think either running at 10pm or 4am - not an attractive option, right? @.@)

Also I find running around my neighbourhood is actually quite nice and I forgot about the distance unlike running in loops at the park or loops around my apartment complex. The problem about running at my housing area though is how to avoid being chased by a dog! I got chased by one last Saturday! o.O


  1. I bet you'd outrun the dog if you got chased :) Nike stuff are expensive but their workout clothes are so nice and comfy.

  2. Ooh! Those weights..I like!

    Lina, sounds like you are into some serious running, like prepping up for a marathon or something. Are you?

  3. @jellybelly,
    I actually did! LOL

    Lucky the dog didn't chase me too far, otherwise I'd be sooooo out of breath.

    I love Nike stuff. But yeah, they can be rather expensive. :(

  4. @HappySurfer,
    Hahaha... no, not running for a marathon or anything. I just like to have a goal and stick to it. O I grow complacent and get lazy.

    I have goals for the weights I can lift and also set goals for my interval training sets. It made me more competitive and push myself more. ^^

  5. Running is evil, especially more so when you enter a sports shop! Hahaha!

    I can so relate to that. In fact just today, I went to get wifey a halo headband and ended up buying 2XU calf compression guards which seriously burnt a huge hole in my pocket! I had to drag myself away from the shop ... LOL!

    Congrats on getting the Nike Sportsband :D Now you can do some serious running ... hehehe!

  6. You serious!? Into running and sports?
    I malu. Still eating and haven't got my butt off the sofa. :P
    Next week then I start. :D

  7. woot! congratulation on reaching your target! i sometimes drag myself to run, it can be so difficult to bounce on that path after one long day at work. your motivation had me really impressed!

  8. @Nick,
    Running is indeed evil. It can suck you in. I never thought that I get this "crazy" about running. o.O

    Whoever says running is a cheap sport sure managed to avoid the sports store, I think. I go in those stores every week now! And to think when I used to go to Celebrity Fitness, I just wore any old t-shirt I can find. Now, I need nice attire to go running. Crazy! XD

    The sportband - spent the first time wearing it twiddling with it almost the entire duration of my run! LOL

    And yeah, can do some serious running after this. I hope. ^^ It is sure a great motivation to see the KMs adding up while running. :)

  9. @ECL,
    You burn enough calories going around all those events that you attend lah... For me,if I don't do this, butt also never leave the couch! LOL

  10. @levian,
    actually my motivation is boredom. Rather than sit in front of the TV after work, at night - might as well spend it running. And hubby and son are happy too. They can play with their Nintendo Wii without me complaining them hogging the TV. LOL

  11. I love running,i do it like 4 times a week, one thing good about running is the sweat perspiring out of your body and you don't have to wait for no one.

    hey now i am going to Nike website to check what this sportband is all about,,thanks for sharing..

    speaking of gym, i am seriously thinking of going to one with my lovely wife, so that we both can work out and look nice together, she is into running as well,,

  12. @eugene,
    And I'm starting to like running more and more now after reading about fellow bloggers escapades, yours included. ^^

    Wah! You run 4 times a week. All long distance, Eugene? I wish I have the time. On weekdays, I only can allocate half an hour, but oh well... better than nothing, right? At least I get to run about 3-5km (I'm slow, I know. ^^!)

    About gym - now that I run outdoors (instead of on a treadmill either at the gym or in the comfort of my home), I like outdoors way way better. I only go to the gym for the weight machines now or if its raining. :)

    Great that both you and your wife into running. Both keeping fit together, right? How about the kids? They join you too?

    I run alone but I prefer it that way.

  13. Hey, you're using an Adidas for running, right? How do you attached the Nike sensor to the shoe? When I was the Nike+, I made my own pouch for it but now that I've stopped using, I managed to find the holder for non Nike+ capable shoes which I bought for wifey.

    If you want it, it can be bought at the running lab in Tropicana City Mall for RM43.00 (called the switch easy) before discount. Look for Frank Chong and he'll give you a good price on stuff. They're a specialty running shop so I advise you to not bring so much money, if not you pokai one ... hahaha!

  14. hahahaha, "accidentally" buying something that you "accidentally" like them so much huh?? sounds so familiar~~ :D

  15. wow, intended to get only one thing, but ended up with three, and almost going to get five if not stopped by the rational hubby, haha!! :D

  16. hmmm, so with the new gadget, i think you should be more motivated to run longer distance, and 10K sure no problem lah, that's not really a lot too~~ :p

  17. oh, fasting month is coming soon huh?? i miss all those bazaar ramadhan, haha~~ :D

  18. @Nick,
    My shoes has the Mii docket/pouch or whatever thing you call it in the sole and I can just slot the sensor in it. Fits nicely albeit loosely. :)

  19. @SK,
    That "accident" incident - must've rubbed off from you lah! LOL

    Lucky got rational husband, kan? Otherwise, every month cannot eat because spent way too much money of exercise equipments. xD

    Easy for you to say 10k not much. It is A LOT for me! I'm such a tortoise too on running. xD

  20. Whoa cool, I didn't know the Adidas came with the slots for the MiCoach :) I'm totally impressed :)

  21. @Nick,
    Cool rite? I don't like the MiCoach thingy whatever so it was good that Nike sensor can fit just nice. I bought the shoes thinking about maybe purchasing the Nike Sportband back in April already. xD

  22. @Bella,
    Hahaha yeah, accident. Happen all the time when I go shopping. LOL

  23. hadehhhh target nya tak tercapai akal ku !!!

  24. @Dot,
    Target je. Aku tulis tu, mcm "power" je tapi larik macam siput nak memperabihkan 5KM tu! Huhuhu

  25. Eh those set of weights range from how many kilos to how many kilos? I'm looking for them too!

  26. Why you like tight fitting workout clothes? I prefer less tight fitting haha unless I got a nice super physique! LOL!!

  27. Congrats for achieving your target of 10 km! So any celebrations? Like a huge buffet spread or something? LOL!

  28. Eeks! I prefer to run in a park "anonymously" than running in a neighbourhood padang where my exercise is interrupted by neighbours!! : D

    And not to mention unreasonable fierce dogs too : D

  29. @foong,
    those weights? Can't remember. LOL I know the big one is 2.5kg. Later go home check then I tweet you lah. ^^

    Yeah, I always like form-fitting clothes - no need to think about it moving around r swishing around. Less friction too. Well, for me at least. XD

    After eating huge buffet then how to run 10K? ;p

    I used to be like that too, now don't care already. As long as I get to run.

    Don't even care about the guards who always watch me do my interval training right in front of them either. I lose all self consciousness when I go crazy about meeting my target! LOL

  30. wow...you workout on weights? you're into serious fitness business eh.

    I like walking in parks and have been slowly getting back to swimming again.

  31. @Mei Teng,
    No, not serious lah... but to burn calories, strength training is the efficient way. I do cardio mixed with strength training and a bit of DVD based pilates inspired exercises and yeah, swim once a week too. ;p

    I loooove walking in parks too! :)

  32. That's the good side of shopping in two because sometimes, we get so compulsive... or unreasonable. When someone's around us, we can have a little bit of "reason" around.:=)


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