Eating By The Roadside

We go the Mamak and instead of eating in the restaurant, we choose to go outside and pick a table by the roadside? Why? Is it all that comfy sitting outside, right beside the road (or in some places, on the road itself)? 

Because of the breeze? Or the fumes from the traffic that passes by? Or the running car or motorbike that park just beside our table while the owner went in to buy a pack of cigarettes?

There were people who got run-over by cars while eating at the roadside, yet we all still do it, myself included. 

We sit at the Mamak, lingered over our cuppa, maybe watch the big screen TV, inhaled second-hand smoke (or smoke ourselves) and had absolutely no problem with it.

What's the point of this post? I have absolutely no idea. LOL

You know I jog three times a week, I climb 10 storey worth of stairs in three-five sets once a week, I go walk up a hill twice a week, I do weights too and I occasionally swim. Why haven't I lose that much weight and why is my stomach's still hanging out despite that? I have cravings for the Mamak's curries and iced coffee, that's why! I guess in order not to gain any more KGs while eating unhealthy food, I just to to stick to my workout like a woman possessed.


  1. Why? Because the tastiest food (and cheap too) is at roadside stalls be it mamak or ah pek kopitiams. I know a bowl of fishball noodles in soup tastes a lot better at one of these stalls than at any of the franchised kopitiams and sometimes at half the price too.

  2. Unhealthy food are just too delicious :) You know when I got obsessed with losing weight and went to the gym everyday for two months, I didn't lose any weight at all, even gained a couple pounds. I didn't understand it at all.

  3. @HappySurfer,
    Ha! True!

    Food court food pale in comparison of street food too.

  4. @jellybelly,
    I think that weight you gained was muscle gain, right?^^ When I had PT sessions, my weight loss was even less than now but I know I am fitter because I lose a few dress sizes. :)

    Unhealthy food is indeed delicious. I wish it is not so. ;p

  5. just came across your blog, i love the way you write. i really enjoyed reading your posts :)

  6. @fashioneggplant,
    Why, thanks. ;p

  7. keep up with your workout..

  8. @wenn,
    I definitely will. ^^

    I just wish I have more time to do them each day. ;)

  9. hmmm, to me as long as it's good food, i don't care it's by the roadside or by the riverside.. haha!!

  10. hmmmm, so you most likely live to eat, and working out is to make you feel less guilty so that you can continue to eat?? :p

  11. have not been to the mamak for supper for a long long time.. but in the morning, i will sometimes go there to have 2 pieces of roti kosong and teh ais for breakfast.. :)

  12. @SK,
    Me too! Klang riverside also I don't mind. XD

    Guilty of eating then work out? Not really. I can be quite crazy about working out once I started. But then, if I stop, it can be hard to start again. I'm worrying about how to still work out during the fasting month. :(

    Supper at Mamak - I don't do it all that much now. Cannot teach my son to eat so late at night! ;)

  13. I just gave up eating rice, that was the main culprit of my expanding waistline.

    These days I just take more protein and only carboload before race days and if I do happen to eat rice anytime through my daily work day, I run an extra kilometer or two just to punish myself :D

    Keep up the good work :D

  14. @Nick,
    The Asian in me just refuse to give up rice. I tried, but I started having cravings. xD

    I'm trying to get a all-round workout. ^^

  15. I love street food more than restaurants'. Whenever I go to a new country, the street foods are the first thing I attack! hehe.. My Quay Lo loves Mamak, and after a long business trip when he returns home, first thing he wants to Mamak rojak! hehe

  16. @Quay Po Cook,
    Me too!

    And after overseas vacation, I head to Mamak too. Miss the roti canai. XD

  17. try doing sits ups... that will toned up the stomach area faster. jogging, swimming works the whole body.. but it you want results for the stomach... sit ups would do better.

    I can't do sit ups so i won't know if it works for me! haha!

  18. @LV,
    You should how many abs exercises I do, apart from all that I mentioned above!o.O

  19. Yeah... it's god to stay a healthy life! Proud of you!

    I used to eat by the road too... before married my husband but since he is a healthy freak, we seldom eat out now!=_=

  20. @Alice,
    Your hubby is a health freak? Well, now the whole family stays healthy because of him, right? :)

    Good for you! :)

  21. I reckon expose the kids to substantial virulent environment is better thn keeping thm safe and sound in those disinfectant bubble room. At least thy got a chance to build their immunity... pathetically my husband doesn't agree, he even freak out and overreact whn the kids touch the table whn we eat out! *pengsan

  22. Haha.. I haven't lepak at the mamak much anymore but I do miss that hanging out, watching TV while chatting with friends and sipping hot teh tarik nights.. Ahh wait for puasa time la, can lose some more pounds

  23. @Alice,
    Oh I agree. Trying to be clean all the time isn't good either. Kids need to build up their immune system and we can't do that by disinfecting them every 3 seconds! xD

    It's the same about play time. We can't always stop them from playing rough and worry about them falling and hurting themselves and stop them from doing anything. Whenever my Son runs around, my in-laws (father and brothers in law) would ask him to stop. He is a BOY! LEt him run around. :(

  24. @Bella,
    Puasa time lagi cannot lose weight, especially if we visit the Pasar Ramadhan. All the good food there. ;p

  25. You can so much Lina since you are working out so much too! lol

    I love eating outdoors too...stalls and all...miss those

  26. @Ayie,
    Filipinos loves eating outdoors too? :)

    I dont work out as much as I wanted to, but hey! Doing a bit is better than none. ^^

  27. Asian weather is so nice for eating out...sigh...missing my dear Asia!

    Webbielady's Places

  28. @Webbielady,
    Not coming back for a visit, then? ^^

  29. for me, it is definitely the crowd! i love being at crowded places, not to mention enjoying food at that very same moment! tv is good, but if sports were turned on, we are dead. XD

  30. @levian,
    I like crowds when I go out with friends. But if with hubby & son, I don't like a crowd. ;)

    If sports on, esp football - yeah, habislah! Stuck at the Mamak for hours! XD


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