One Week Left!

Just one week for the Ramadhan month to arrive! Ramadhan - a time to reflect and build spiritual strength. The time for us to renew our commitment and re-establish our devotion to Allah.

On a totally superficial point of view - the fasting month can also mean binging in on food whether at hotels' buffet or at the pasar ramadhan. No, I don't lose much weight during fasting month. You?

It's not that I make a point to eat more for buka puasa during the fasting month, how often do I get to eat a lot of local treats otherwise? Pasar ramadhan totally rocks! And come Ramadhan, I can just let my kitchen stove take a rest for a month if not for the fact that I have to cook for our sahur! ^^

Good luck to me on waking up before 5am! o.O


  1. Time really flies. Is it that time of the year again? Selamat berpuasa, Lina!

  2. @HappySurfer,
    Time sure passes by quickly, huh? :)

    Thanks! Looking forward to the Ramadhan month. :)

  3. Yup, my belly is going to be slightly bigger too during this time which calls for more and longer distanced runs ... LOL!

  4. @Nick,
    Maybe we should go running to/fro Pasar Ramadhan and make sure it's at least 15km far from our home. ^^

    I definitely cannot do 10K in August. Unless of course I can run 10K in 40 minutes! @.@

    Am now worrying how I can do my runs at night. Have to wait for food to digest first before running and by then, it'll be 9.30pm? Soooo late. :(

  5. so you are counting down the days for Ramadhan already?? meaning the more you fun the nearer it comes?? :)

  6. hehehe, yeah, i think most people can't really loose weight during ramadhan.. i mean, the more starved you are during the day, you tend to eat more before and after the fast, you agree with me??

  7. but one thing i must agree with you is the bazaar ramadhan!! OMG, all local treats you can name (or even couldn't name) can just be found in there, i actually love the bazaar ramadhan, so much to eat~~

  8. and i am always very impressed with the one near my house - along the road leading to Wangsa Maju Alpha Angle.. i guess easily 100 stalls on both side of the road huh?? i used like 15 minutes to walk from end to end, then only decide what i want, haha!! :D

  9. @SK,
    Of course I count the days to Ramadhan. Always! :)

    I eat normally for buka puasa in terms of portion but I guess what I usually eat is rather calorie laden. Hence no weight loss. XD

    The pasar ramdahan around my housing area unfortunately are not as glorious as those in Wangsa Maju or Sri Gombak. :(

  10. Good luck to you Lina, sounds like a heavy challenge and commitment at the same time!

  11. @WebbieLady,
    It's a welcome challenge though. :)

  12. walking here with a smile.. have a nice day ~ =D

    Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..

  13. @Mr Lonely,
    Well, you too. ^^

  14. @Lina,
    I bet... I think a healthy challenge too!


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