Lazy Mommy's Dinner - Something Called Furikake

I don't really eat dinner during the weekends because we usually would already eaten a big breakfast and a huge lunch. Most of the times that I am in no mood to eat dinner, Zaini would cook something for himself and Raimie. Sweet guy, isn't he? ^^

Anyway, if I do cook, it is usually something simple and not that heavy. Last Sunday's dinner was - rice topped with furikake, miso soup and fried eggs. Simple. Just the thing  lazy Mommy like me loves! LOL

For those unsure what is furikake - well, it's a Japanese condiment sprinkled on top of rice. It 's a mixture of ground fish or eggs or plum, sesame seeds, seaweed and a whole lot of things to make your bowl of rice more flavourful.
I'd use furikake to season my onigiri (rice balls) too! Those don't look good, I know. I'm still learning to cook! ^^!


  1. We're even lazier, on weekends we just make the boys cook their own food ... cruel, aren't we? LOL!

  2. It's simple but looks delicious and I'm up for anything to make my rice more flavorful *must get Furikake*

    @Nick Phillips - your boys must be pros at cooking!

  3. @Nick,
    No, not cruel. You're teaching them life lesson. How to survive without someone else doing it for them. ;p

  4. @sriyany,
    It cn b found at the Japanese section at supermarkets. All sorts of flavour to try too! Hope you like it! :)

    About Nick - my thoughts exactly. His boys must be "terer" at cooking already. ;p

  5. ah i love furikake! it used to be something my sister used to have me eat rice, since i wasn't so keen with rice back then. ah, it sure brought back many childhood memories. ;)

  6. @levian,
    Your sis put furikake to entice you to eat rice? How thoughtful. ^^

  7. wowwww nampak sodap la bad.. bila mau bagi ngetest nih? kekeke :D

  8. @do
    aku rasa sedap lagi sambal sadin ko yang aku still kempunan nak rasa tu. huhuhu

  9. I tasted my first onigiri at a friend's. Home-made.

  10. huh??!! you don't eat dinner at all?? and not even cook dinner for your hubby and son?? OMG, that really shocked me a lot, hehe~~

  11. don't misunderstand me as a big male chauvinist p*g, but i just thot it's kind of fun to cook for your loved ones.. :)

  12. anyway, maybe good cook doesn't usually want to cook at home, hehe.. and i see you can make nice onigiri~~ cool!! :)

  13. where got not nice looking? those are superb! Give me them anytime... I love .......... japanese! :D

  14. @Mei Teng,
    Must be good. ^^

  15. @SK,
    I seldom eat dinner on weekends. ^^ And because I don't eat, my hubby usually just find things to eat on his own. XD

    But I cook nice lunches at home! :)

    Aiyah, making onigiri is easy! ;p

  16. @Merryn,
    Hahaha... you haven't taste them yet! XD

    Come, come... I give you one. ;p

  17. I was going to ask whether you made that yourself and then I read that you can buy it off the shelf. I must now go look for it. Should I be looking for it in a bottle or something?

    Somehow this furikake on top of hot rice reminds me of the XO sauce (a product made in Hkg and available here), esp the extra hot one. It's made of scallops, shredded and cooked in chillies, etc. Yum!

    Zaini is such a sport! Tell him I said that too. I know you won't (tell him). LOL! Have a wonderful day ahead, Lina.

    Btw, those rice balls look interesting - two-toned somemore.

    Interesting word verification: hicticke - which probably means 'groovy rice balls' in some alien language. haha..

  18. @HappySurfer,
    I am definitely too lazy to make my own furikake! LOL If you want to look for them, they are in packets. All sorts are available.

    XO sauce? I only know about it when served Chinese Fried Rice at dinners. XD

    Those are two flavours onigiri - the purple one was ume (plum) and the yellow one was tamago (egg) :)

    About Zaini being a sport - yup, not telling him! LOL

  19. As long as the family eats it :) I'm curious about that furikake, I'll see if the grocery has it.

    I have bottled dried fish at home for when I'm lazy. Just cook rice and open the bottled tuyo with fried egg. Happiness!

  20. @Jellybelly,
    Yours sounds interesting. And I love dried fish. Do you need to cook it or eat it straight out of the bottle?

  21. Never tried furikake before! Maybe I should go buy it! : )

  22. @foong,
    You definitely should! ^^

  23. *put up hand* I am lazy lazy too!

  24. @reanaclaire,
    Yeay! Got gang. XD


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