An Indonesian Fare At Bumbu Desa

On one of those rare occasion I do go out to lunch with the office people, eating somewhere nice is good. On Tuesday I went to Bumbu Desa at Mid Valley Mall for an Indonesian gastronomic experience.
Pretty interesting decor with the Indonesian dolls lined up.

This was my first visit to Bumbu Desa so I have no idea what taste good so instead of flipping through the menu or deciding by looking at the array of food displayed on the counter and choosing them myself,  I called up in advance and ask for recommendation and opted for a set for 5 pax, priced at RM180.40 (and they throw in a 10% discount afterwards). Take note though. Although the food are lined up buffet style, the price charged ala-carte, and per dish of your choosing.

I didn't take much photo once I started eating so quite a few of the dishes served weren't captured. I was concentrating hard on eating. ;p

The few that I got were:
Gado-gado, which is somewhat similar to our own "pecal". Steamed vegetables doused with peanut sauce and served with emping (a cracker) made from seeds.
Some of the food me and my group ate. 

In the photos : Gulai Ayam (chicken in yellow curry), Asam Pedas Patin (fresh patin fish cooked in sour and spicy gravy soup), Gulai Daun Sinkong (cassava leaves cooked in spicy yellow curry), Perkedel Jagung & Kentang (a blend of sweet corn/potato, egg and flour, deep fried to a golden crisp), Udang Tempura (prawns tempura), Tumis Jamur (whhite mushroom cooked with spices) and all washed down with either Ice Lemon Tea or a very, very sweet cincau bandung (the drinks in pink, for those who don't know what a bandung drink is).

Those in our set but not in the photo : Ayam Cabai Ijo (marinated chicken served in green chillies), Talapia Bakar (deep fried Talapia fish) and lastly for dessert we had Kolak Biji Salak (a mixture of tapioca and sweet potato flour, mixed with gula melaka and served with coconut milk).

There were mixed reviews about the food  from my group, but for me it is OK and I sure was full. So full I decided to skip dinner. With all those dishes served and paying on the average of RM32/pax, I think it's a good value.

Price is pretty reasonable and they have individual set menu too ranging from RM15.90++ to RM22.90++. Would you like to check them out? :)


  1. @LR,
    To me it was, but some of my lunch party differ on it. ;p

  2. Aiyooo Lina, why you always do this to me. After looking at the food pix, my tummy is growling like crazy and I'm on a carbo-loading diet some more for my NTV7 run tomorrow ... LOL!

    But the food looks really yummy though :D Happy weekend and happy running :D

  3. @Nick,
    LOL. I am such a bad girl, ah Nick? XD

    The NTV7 run is tomorrow? Have fun with the run!

  4. Looks so appetizing! Happens to me all the time, not taking pictures of the food because I'm so hungry. After I've eaten my fill, I remember that I'm supposed to blog about it.

  5. @jellybelly,
    It wasnt only because I was concentrating on food, it was flitting from one table to another disturbing other colleagues who were eating there too! LOL

  6. Ooh yummeh! I never tried Bumbu Desa before.. I'm the kind of person who likes to go back to what/where I'm already used to instead of trying out new things.. But then since price looks good and food looks pretty interesting too, maybe I should go and try out one of these days.. Asyik makan Western je.. Kena la balik ke pangkal jalan.. Hahahah

  7. @Bella,
    Hahaha... nak balik ke pangkal jalan ke? LOL

    Maybe if you do try, opt out from the single set and go for the ala-carte. I received not so good reviews about their single set menu. But those that we ate that day, well - I have no complaints. Service is good too. ^^

  8. This looks good. Reminds me of Bumbu Bali/Ole-Ole Bali :)

  9. oh.. is there such a place in MV?? Bumbu Desa, whereabout?? i don't really have any impression of this restaurant, new one??

  10. so this Indonesian cuisine is more of Balinese, Sumatra, Jawa or Sundanese??

  11. can't really see the food well, you should have done some close up of the food, hahahaha~~ :D

  12. Regardless of taste, the price is reasonable for the variety of dishes. Thanks for sharing this place. At least it gives us an idea of what to expect.

    The dolls are very nice.

  13. @sriyany,
    Maybe it's the same chain? :)

  14. @SK,
    It's located at Amarin. It took over part of what used to be Amarin on 2nd floor.

    I know I should have more close-up. My fault. XD

    They serve Sunda & Padang food there, from what I gather.

  15. @HappySurfer,
    Anyway, about food - some people compare it to Malay food, and of course what they serve here maybe similar but cooked and taste a bit different from what we used to eat. Hence the mixed review.

    But yeah, price wise, it is OK for me. :)

  16. gosh, you had me drooling early in the morning! XD the dolls however, felt kinda eerie for me. but then again, i'm never a huge fan for dolls, unless i knew those characters (like from an anime ;)). but the foooood, i so want a bite!

  17. @levian,
    I dont want those dolls in my home, that I can say! But they do make interesting decor, dont you think? ^^

    Go on over to Bumbu Desa and get a bite! :p

  18. @Jenny,
    Well, it's a bit different from what we eat here. But it's an experience. :)


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