Lazy Mommy's Dinner - Ochazuke

After the previous post of me being lazy about cooking dinner, here's another post to further show my laziness. ^^!

It's been some time since we last eat these, but this is what I used to resort to when neither myself nor the boys want to eat anything much but we want something hot & soupy. This is completely easy to make. I don't think I can even call it cooking! LOL
It's ochazuke - "ocha/cha" means tea and "zuke/tsuke" means submerge. Basically you have a dish of tea poured over rice.

You can use the furikake I mentioned in my previous post for the topping and then, you pour either hot tea/hot water or dashi (stock) over your bowl of rice. There are of course plenty of ready-made ochazuke  packets sold at the Japanese section in supermarkets available. Yes, you can find it in Jusco and Carrefour too! :-)
Ochazuke taking simply with rice can be rather bland for me and when I needed something spicy to accompany my ochazuke, I'd add kimchi! Yummy, I tell you.


  1. Interesting! Is that tea regular tea or green tea or is it stock based? I like to eat rice that way too. I use soup and all the ingredients piled on top. Yum!

  2. @appySurfer,
    I use green tea or just plain water. Too lazy to make dashi. XD

    But if you want to use green tea, don't use the powder ones.

  3. wakakaka, this is really so that something i called "lazy man meal"!! hahahha.. that's so simple and even easier than instant noodles!! :D

  4. ok ok, now i am convinced with your "laziness" already!! salute and bow~~ haha!! :D

  5. my laziest meal is to cook can soup, so am i eligible to compete with you?? haha~~ :D

  6. I thought I am lazy but you beat me to win the title. :P

    Gosh. Lazy Mom competition. hahaha....

  7. My laziest dish is to put everything (rice + ingredients, seasoning) in the pot and cook. At least, I bother to cook the ingredients. :P

  8. @SK,
    Wait! Wait! I have more lazy dishes in store. Don't bow yet! xD

    Can soup? You are much more "rajin" than me! I don't even do that! LOL

  9. @ECL,
    we totally should do a competition. Share each other's tips on lazy style cooking. Haha

    Yes, yes. At least you cook all the stuff. ^^

  10. tea over rice! wow, this is something new for me. too bad i don't live in KL but i'm definitely keeping my eyes open for the furikake! yum yum~

  11. @levian,
    You can make it yourself, those furkake. I of course, am too lazy to do so. XD


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