1Murid 1Sukan 1Malaysia

or translated as 1Student, 1Sports, 1Malaysia. While I laud the effort for a student to at least participate in one sports at school, I really, really hate to overusage of the "1" slogan and it being pinned to everything. Political propaganda in everything including my son's schooling? Enough with 1Malaysia already lah people! 

While I hate political propaganda, anything that made my son go out and be active, I will support the event and this initiative for all student participating in sports at school in a commendable effort especially nowadays that parents are more inclined to stress on academic excellence and neglecting the need for their kids to be active. 

Anyway, just like other parents and school-going children all over Malaysia; we woke up early on Saturday and headed off to Raimie's school. Part of the road had been closed off to make way for the children to run, and teachers were busy monitoring the situation.

We dropped Raimie off at his school and instead of waiting around, we decided to go to the Lake Garden (or should I say the newly renamed Taman Botani Perdana) for a jog.

The 1.5km run had already finished by the time we arrived back to Raimie's school and there was a "Sukaneka" event in full swing. 
There were futsal, netball, congkak, ting-ting (hopscotch) and even games for parents to participate in. Didn't know that the day was going to be so much fun with plenty of activities other than the run because if I did, I surely would have brought my camera along. As it is, I just made do snapping photos with Zaini's handphone.
Raimie playing netball. Yes, mixed team netball. ^^ The girl playing WA for the blue team was good, and the boys in red team (my son included) were no match for her! But I tell you, girls can play football but boys really can't play netball. LOL

I like the fact that the teachers at this school aren't so hung up about gender segregated issues in sports at fun events like this. There were mixed teams for futsal too.
Zaini got roped in for musical chair shortly after he was spotted by the teachers there. It sure was hilarious watching the male teachers and parents fight for chairs with the students. Guess who won? It was Raimie's Dad. But Raimie wasn't happy because he said Daddy played dirty. Haha

We won tickets to the Malacca Zoo for four which we already agreed we'll pass it to Zaini's colleague. ^^

For the girls & mothers & female teachers musical chair event, the teachers called me up to join but I ran away! LOL Even the headmaster coaxing for me to join in proved futile. I was still sweaty from my jog, my hair all over my face and sure as hell stinky. I don't really want to be near people and stink them up! ^^!

All in all, it was a fun day. Kudos to the teachers at school for organising  such a fun event. I wonder how was the event at other schools? I noticed a Chinese school nearby held their sports day the same day and the school next to Raimie's school did nothing much other than let students and parents mooch around the school waiting for the time to go back.


  1. ekekekkekekek tak terlawan la Raimie dengan awek baju biru tu, tinggi kemain lagik.. bukan senang nak main netball nih sebenar nya :D

  2. yeah, i don't like that "1" prefix either, it sounds so political and really have been overly used.. whatever they named, there's a 1 to prefix, i feel so tired of it..

  3. oh, i would have thot you joined Raimie in the games, haha!! so it was a special event, or just some normal Saturday co-curriculum routines??

  4. hahahaha, i really miss those old days where we have co-curriculum on saturdays (because in my elementary school, class is from 7:45pm-5:30pm Mondays to Fridays, so there's no time slot for this), that's the only day we can relax..

  5. @Dot,
    Memang pun. Team biru yang menang pun. Anak aku, nak curi bola pun tak reti. Asyik bagi jalan je kat budak2 pompuan. huhuhu

  6. I agree wholeheartedly, the term 1 this and 1 that is making me throw up these days!

    I didn't know they renamed the Lake Gardens.

    I can imagine you running away when they tried to rope you in for the musical chair ... LOL!

  7. @SK,
    Enough already with 1everything, right? We don't unite just because our government tells us to do so. :(

    Special event - launch of the 1Sukan thingy, if I'm not mistaken. Habis all students in Malaysia have to join and make teachers work on a Saturday. XD

    Wah! You study so long hours at school! If I, run away already. LOL

  8. @Nick,
    Just renamed, now that the upgrading of the lake done. Same old garden still. XD

    I'm not the glamour one at Raimie's school. I let his Daddy take all the limelight there. LOL

    Some more, with all the sweat from running before going to school, don't want to be near people lah!

  9. I'm all for non-gender segregation otherwise our kids will grow up to be less than normal and wouldn't know how to behave in the company of the opposite gender. Good to know you had fun and Zaini won a prize too in the process!

    I so agree about the overkill of the "1" Everything! Haven't those people got enough?

  10. @HappySurfer,
    Right? Boys and girls should be let to play and learn together and respect each other. That way, they will grow up not looking at one gender as the weaker one or vice versa. We are all humans. ^^

    Complete overkill of that "1". I am so fed up of it. Dont we all, by now? :(

  11. ya, it's rather weird..

  12. haha! i love how the musical chair game went. it was always fun watching, or even playing this game! XD n i totally agree on the 1msia thing, it always make me feel that they are such a suck-up. a little phrase here n there ain't gonna help our country if we don't put it into action or a huge change in their attitude.

  13. @levian,
    Musical chair is fun, right? Especially when the participants are all quite playful. :)

    I so agree with you. To me, those people who tag that 1 thingy all over are just suck ups who want to aim for more government projects. :(

  14. but u could have used the smell to ur advantage! lols...oh well...

  15. Miss the musical chair game since my last participation donkey years ago. :D

    I wonder if I will be as quick as I used to when I played. hmmm....

  16. Taking up a sports for fun is not allowed in our mainstream public schools. The students have to be good at it before they are considered.

    The govt only wants to win at International Sports competition. :(

  17. @Glo-w~*,
    How come I didn't think of that. I bet, after I joined in everybody would cabut! LOL

  18. @ECL,
    Hahaha... I bet you are still quick! :)

    Sports shouldn't be just about winning. Being active helps the mind be active and focus too.

    I sure don't agree for my only Son to just study, study, study all the time! He needs to be active and play sports too! Not for winning tournaments but for fun and health.

  19. What a fun day. I've never heard of 1 anything, (lucky me eh?) I suppose that is a political slogan.

  20. @Jenny,
    Yup, it's a political slogan by the ruling party here and been used to death by both the governments and their kiss-ass supporters.


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