Saturday's Here!

So how is your weekend so far? ^^ Hope it's going great!

This is the last weekend (second last actually if puasa starts on Monday) before the Ramadhan month and will be the last time that I can jog in the morning. I sure can't jog in the morning during the fasting month because how would I keep myself hydrated when I'm fasting? But I won't stop, I just have to run at night instead of mornings for a month.

Remember that I bought a Nike+ Sportband earlier? Having it while doing my rounds, I noticed I am running more lately. Not that much, but I "forced" myself to do at least 5K on weekdays and this morning, 10K. Just a bit of grouch about the sportband though. It didn't register the distance I made while going up a steep hill and that's like 1km undetected. I tried to press my heel harder but I still cannot get a reading. Oh well...
My running distance for 4 runs I did this week. I should round up and make it to 40K total tomorrow, eh? ^^

Busy day today anyway. After all my huffing and puffing, it's time to make breakfast for the two famished boys in the house. Then, another round of sweating - doing house cleaning.

We always do a  thorough clean-up of the house every two months (I'm lazy, I know. Should've done it more often but well... we are not messy people) because it's pest control time. We like to make sure the house is really clean before it got sprayed with chemicals to keep away those nasty bugs. I sure am not holistic in my approach towards bugs! I just want them annihilated!
Pest control guy busy at work

And then, a bit of revision! It's going to be just 4 more months before our trip to Japan, so I need to brush up on my Japanese again. Mommy has to study too, just like Son these days. 

Now, if you excuse me. Gotta do some cooking. Korean again today. :)


  1. The Sports band tends to be buggy when it comes to hills. That's why I gave it up and bought a Garmin Forerunner instead. The GPS in it is much more accurate.

    Glad to see you running more and more these days :D So, you made up your mind to sign for the Putrajaya Night Marathon yet :D

  2. @Nick,
    Sucks on the hill part with the sportband. I always make sure I tackle that hill on weekends. I guess the hill is out of the equation with the sportband. :(

    I'm making the effort. Barely pass the 10K though. xD But one thing I can say, I enjoy my runs be it on hot muggy nights or on cold crisp mornings. :)

    I am tempted to join the Putrajaya Night Marathon. Maybe just try 5K for fun and get the experience, kan... but Zaini isn't interested. :(

    BTW, I looked at the 10K cut-off time for the 10K for Women Open : 1 hour 20 minutes. I barely made it under that time for my runs! I guess I am still so in the bottom pile. Huhuhu

  3. wooo, great huh, with the new gadget you are able to motivate yourself to run further and longer!! last chance for you to excel before the fasting month comes.. :)

  4. hahahaha, cleaning up every two months, errr, i think that's quite ok.. for me, maybe even less than once a year, haha!! ooopsss~~ :p

  5. going to Japan again?? wow, how nice!! i've not even been to Japan before~~ :(

  6. @SK,
    Planning to run during fasting month also, but only after 9.00pm and not too much distance lah.... xD

    I vacuum every week, but all out cleaning only once in two months. Lazy to do more often than that! LOL

    Well, I've been to Japan but yet been to Hanoi. ^^

  7. Wow Lina, you can run a marathon! Are you planning to join one?

    Been eating a lot of Korean food lately too. There's a Korean store around the corner where we live :)

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  8. @Jellybelly,
    No I cant! A marathon is 42km! @.@ Die first before arriving the finish line. LOL

    Mmm... Korean food for you too? :)

    You have a great Sunday too. :)

  9. Wow! You are a RUNNER! I can never run good, it's always difficult for me, no matter what I do, it makes me think I am running and it's not fun! Better other sports as my mind is busy with the fun of it that I don't think I am doing it, like skating or basketball.

  10. I hate the cleaning and the washing. Luckily got my son and hubby to help. :)

  11. Nowadays, it seems better to have boys than girls, the guys pamper the girls. :P

  12. @Webbielady,
    I dont think I can call myself a runner just yet, with the pace I am doing. XD

    I used to think running is hard too, but nowadays I look forward to it. It enables me to have a ''me'' time each day and I don't need to worry about anyone else with running. ^^

  13. @ECL,
    I hate doing them too, but that doesn't mean I can get away not doing them! Yes, Zaini and Raimie chipped in too. Zaini and I don't believe that certain chores are only for women.

    Hahaha I agree. My boys does pamper me sometimes. ^^

  14. @Lina,
    Really? That's interesting! I mean, I cannot listen tomusic, what do zou do? I can't stand anything in my ears...

    I dunno when Ican get over this feeling, I mean, I can run but not really enjoying it, thus, making me get tured so soon.

  15. @Webbielady,
    I have my Sony wireless MP3 glued to my ear. I like to listen to Korean dance music while I run. ^^

    It was hard for me at first. Then I started setting goals. And the harder I tried to meet those goals, the more I started loking forward to put on my running shoes. The feeling of being able to achieve that goal is the thing that pushes me further each time. That and reading about other bloggers running escapade.

    Well, you do enjoy other sports, right? The important thing is to be active and healhy regardless of what sport we choose, right? :)

  16. I checked my daily mile settings and all you need to do is key in your Nike+ email login and your Nike+ password and that should do it.

  17. @Nick,
    That's what I did. But it always came out with "couldn't authenticate your account". Oh well. Not gonna sweat over it. I just key-in the distance and time I got from Nike site to it.

  18. Wah! So hardworking! Going to run even during puasa month?

  19. Need to study Japanese? So you must quite good in speaking by now! I mean after all these years right?

  20. @foong,
    Run a bit lah, during puasa. If I stop, then it'll be hard to start again after Raya. XD

    Studying Japanese as in revising to understand what people are saying there. I definitely cannot hold a conversation in Japanese! How to be good when only study a few months a year? Stop then, forgot again. ^^!

    Some more it is self-study. I don't go to classes for it.


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