Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Books For A Treat

I've been guilty of not buying or reading any books lately. It seems like I had too much on my plate that I can't sit still and enjoy a good book. :(

Anyhoo, as a treat for Raimie's good results at school, he asked for me to buy him some books and of course, I happily obliged. ^^

One book was about drawing (which by the way, he loves to do) and the other was a Malay book. If you read my earlier post, you'd know that he needs to be better in his Malay language!

And I can't resist picking up a book for myself too. I haven't started reading it proper yet, just a few pages. I'm pacing myself (heh!) because I plan to read it all while we are flying for 6-7 hours to Tokyo! *^-^*


  1. wow surprising enough he did not ask for toys but just some books!! I would happily oblige to that too.. :)

  2. i looove to read and cant stop myself from buying .. i have now, in my collection close to 50 new books bought and not read yet lol .. these days I have been slacking cos online too much but will start again soon .. I read 2-3 books a month and when I first came to jb, in two months I read 14 books, talk about being bored lol .. come and ransack my "library" .. now collecting e-books also hihi

  3. I have not been reading books lately too.. but I am reading lots of articles from textbooks and journals for my assignments, haha!! pening la @.@

  4. wow are you sure you are gonna finish those books during your flight to Tokyo?? hmm, am sure there's lots of disturbance especially the sleep bugs haha!!

  5. Going to Tokyo again? Ahh I love books n love reading.. I'm a certified bookworm.. :D

  6. That's a good reference, the art book.

  7. That "Born to Run" is great! I even got the audiobook to listen many times in my car.
    If you buy the idea, you will be poison with barefoot running :P

  8. @Neoh,
    After reading a few articles about barefoot running, I'm a bit "poisoned" already. xD

  9. @SK,
    He doesn't ask for toys because he knows the toys he wants will be bought in Japan, what. ^^

    I don't sleep in the plane, not even on a red-eye. Anyway, I can "tahan" my eyes if I'm reading for pleasure but after 5 minutes reading something for assignment i.e study, I'll fall asleep! LOL

    Anyway, I read fast. Sure no problem finishing that book in one flight time. :)
    I once read Harry Potter books from Book1 - Book 4 in one day. No sleep, no makan, only intermittent toilet break and a panda eye later but finish them all in 24 hours. ;)

  10. @KJ,
    Jom serang library KJ! xD

  11. Bella,
    I used to be one. No need slpp or eat. Just read books. ^^

    But now, life gets in the way. ;p

  12. @HappySurfer,
    He loves to sketch and draw so when he was leafing through the pages of the book, I encouraged him to buy it. :)

  13. I bet if you had free time in Tokyo, you would run!:P

    Although the book does look good. Reading is a habit that would never go away - no matter how long it's been.

  14. I have tons of books still wrapped in the shrink wrap they came in that I just don't have the time to read, what with work and running. The wife is already warning me about buying more books and not reading them ... LOL!

    BTW, the big bad wolf sale is on again and I'm dragging the wife there this Thursday to buy more books that I won't have the time to read ... hahaha!

  15. @sriyany,
    I wouldn't rule out running in Japan! xD And I do actually look forward to a run by the seaside in Shikoku. ^^

  16. @Nick,
    You... keep buying shoes and books. No wonder kena warn by your wife. xD

    Lucky cannot run and read, otherwise I suspect you would doing both at the same time! LOL

    I wanna go to the sale too, but see how the driver's mood that day lah. Haha

  17. I used to buy lots of books for my kids too..

  18. @wenn,
    How about for yourself?:)

  19. Good for Raimie to ask for books instead of toys! : )

  20. Saving up the book to be read during your flight? Haha! Enjoy! I like to read inside the plane too : )

  21. @foong,
    I usually use the time in the plane catching up on movies but of course that's while taking JAL.

    Now we are flying with Air Asia, read books lor... xD

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