Dinner Alone... Kinda

It was after my evening gym session and Hubby & Son had waited for me to finish.

As we passed by Pappa Rich, I suggested to have dinner there.
 My dinner was this curry fillet rice dish combo thingy.

Quite nice.
Teamed with this cucumber drink.

Just what I need after a hard one-hour session at the gym.

Wait! What about Hubby and Son?

They had eaten earlier so they just accompanied me eat dinner.
But Hubby did order this rather sad looking cendol.

Completely different from what I've ordered from Pappa Rich before and definitely doesn't look similar to the ones in their menu.

I just had to ask Hubby whether this is Pappa Rich "discount" cendol version. Hahaha


  1. Lina, Happy Mother's day you . Taiping Ansari Cendol is better than this la!

  2. What a strange cendol hee..hee...

    1. Kan. I was tempted to compare it with the menu photo and show the staff

  3. Pappa Rich! I want that kind of dinner!!


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