Mother's Day 2017

Since 2013, I've celebrated Mother's Day with running related activities.

Some were with both hubby and son, like Pisang Relay, some I did with Hubby; like Route 68 and some, they let me run alone like at Bomba Run.

This year, it's back-to-back crewing and running for Mother's Day and we drove all the way to Kuala Kubu Baru to do it.
Spent Saturday with the family at Highlander Series Bukit Kutu.

Then on Sunday, at Hulu Selangor 30K with me running in the 10K category. 
Alas, just missed out on a podium placing for Sunday's run.

After freshening up, it was back to helping out at the race though I chose to do it in the dewan, instead of spending it under the sun, like what I did on Saturday. Hahaha

For ourselves, we enjoyed both events immensely and hope that the organiser did find us helpful and useful. Wakaka

And when we returned home, Son presented me with my Mother's Day gift.

More on race recaps and Mother's Day dinner later. 


  1. What a cool card by your son. Love the words. So, did you redeem the free "kopi hipster"? ^^

    Try again. Next time you would be standing on the podium, Lina.

  2. Ooooppps. Forgot! Happy Mother's Day to you. xoxo

  3. You really like Duracell Bunny. Full of energy. Happy Mother's Day. 😊

  4. You are betul2 a running fan. Mother's Day pun you go for a run. Happy Mother's Day!

  5. That's so sweet, dear! Happy Mother's Day to you too! xoxo


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