PjHomes Food Truck Fiesta

Wah! We've sure gone food truck crazy lately.

First, we had an awesome makan at Alam Impian early this month and last Saturday, we head off to Menara PjH in Putrajaya as they were holding their PjHomes Food Truck Fiesta event.

It had rained quite heavily in the evening and I had almost canceled our trip there but Hubby gamely wanted to drive over and check out the event and we finally got there at 8.00pm.

Which, by Putrajaya standard, is quite early. Seriously, they go out makan after Isya' prayers lah!
But instead of immediately checking out the eight food trucks there, we registered ourselves at the PjHomes office and actually talked with one of the staff about PjH property, the Flora Rosa.

Made me almost tempted to buy one apartment!

I always wanted to have a home with a whole town as my running track! And Taman Saujana Hijau is nearby too.
Anyways, with registration; we were given food coupons that we can redeem at the food trucks. Nice!

As I mentioned, there were eight food trucks, all selling different items so as not to overlap each other.

The ones that got me pretty excited were these two:
Cakery Cake's cake selection and their keria montok.
and this Nasi Arab and grilled lamb food truck.

Other food trucks were:
 The Fish Monger/Bonda.
 Sotong Bakar Morib.
Raja Teh Ais.
 ImpreszA Big Cup Coffee.
Uncle Bob Fried Chicken and The Tokyo Burger.

You have a taste of everything!

So what did we enjoyed this time?
The first round.

Maggi ketam.
Grilled lamb.
Carrot cake.
Caramel Macchiato.
 Next up, sotong bakar morib.

Not in photos: waffles and kuih keria montok.
They were so popular, we had to wait for them for a bit. But it was worth the wait.
Me and my big cup of Caramel Macchiato.
We were entertained by buskers' performances while we ate and seated really comfortably.

Chucky the Clown was there too, to entertain little kiddos.

I'm certainly am looking forward for the next food truck event like this!

So syiok lepak and makan, we only went home at 10.30pm. Despite the fact that we needed to wake up early the next morning as I had a race in Taman Melawati on Sunday!


  1. It rained every evening during the weekend here, really scary thunderstorm.

    I love food trucks. They sell different things and we get to taste them.

    1. Agree on both the weather and the food truck choices. :P

  2. Wah, I saw a whole grilled lamb! That would be my target hee..hee..

  3. I can't resist those cakes, hehe...

  4. plenty to choose from food truck.

    Fried chicken. J will go crazy on that LOL


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