Mother's Day Dinner At The Garden

Well, it's a cafe actually and it's located very near to our home in Balakong and it's name is Le Gardenz Cafe.
A container concept cafe and with a rather interesting decor, mix & match between greenery and fun, colourful decor.

After my run in Kuala Kubu Baru as part of my own Mother's Day celebration, Hubby and Son treated me with dinner.

I couldn't decide what to eat (but I want to drink coffee) so Hubby decided to give Le Gardenz Cafe a try.
Apart from a free meal promo for Mother's Day (free chicken chop or something for mothers), the cafe also have a buy 1 free 1 coffee promo. Sweet!

So Hubby ordered latte for himself and I had my usual cup of cappuccino.
And I had the lamb shoulder to accompany my cappuccino.
While Hubby had seafood risotto.
And Son chose the beef bolognese.
All not too bad and we enjoyed it in a rather fun and quirky environment.

Good thing we arrived a bit early because pretty soon, diners had to wait for their seats. Reservations is encouraged.

Service may be a tad slow but as we saw the servers dashing about, it's not because any of them were slow. They do have to serve a few floors of the containers, going up and down!

We didn't take photos of the decor as the cafe was quite full with diners.

Anyway, I want to try and visit the cafe again soon. Maybe for their afternoon tea service?

For those who wants to try Le Gardenz Cafe, it's located opposite Segi Fresh Balakong. 


  1. I thought it was a nice dinner.

  2. The food looks good! You drink coffee at night, can tidur ke?

  3. The food ordered look so yummy especially that seafood risotto.
    I thought that container was in Selayang as I saw one similar one there with a tower. Happy Mummy's Day to you.

    1. Now container style places quite popular, right?
      Thank you Anay, for the wish.


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