Saturday Brunch at IKEA

We had several errands to do on Saturday which included sending Son for his outing with his friends to Pusat Sains Negara (and picking him up later too!) and also collecting my race kit for Newton Challenge on Sunday.

I ditched my plan to join the 10K run at Fit Malaysia@HSN which held that Saturday and did a 5K run around my house instead, before we head out to send Son.

Since the Newton Challenge race kit collection was held at MyTown, Hubby and I had brunch at IKEA. So long never eat there already and I was craving for salmon. So ngam la go there makan salmon.
Hubby had the Pulled Salmon sandwich.
 I had the salmon with that vege cutlet thingy and vege. I love the sauce!
And we finished the meal with this absolutely awesome Salted Caramel Cheesecake (awesome la, it's only RM7.90) with free coffee which I got for being IKEA Family member.

Then it's off to collect my race kit and some shopping at MyTown. Even managed to get a pair of Airism leggings and sports bra which were on promotion. Yeay!
Few hours at MyTown and we  were in Bangsar pulak. 

Before a late lunch later (at 4pm), we had a snack. Auntie Anne's pretzel Buy 1 Get 1 promo from uMobile which Hubby redeemed.

It was only after 6pm that we made or way home. A full day out from home and I had a 30K run on Sunday! Hahahadoi.

But it was rather nice to go out with Hubby and "dating" also lah instead of just making him wait for me to finish whatever race I joined instead, right? ^^


  1. Nice outing and I sokong all the dating hee..hee.. I love to makan Auntie Anne's pretzels. Cannot resist!

  2. What a lovely pastor session you both had. I always loved the food at IKEA esp the sauces and cakes. It convinced me that I will be able to survive in Scandinavia. Now thinking about their RM7.90 cake which is very reasonably priced, makes me felt the Rahsia Resipi have slaughtered me at RM12.00 for cheesecakes. Argh!!!!

    1. **soli my stupid phone... paktor session.

    2. Lavender slaughter us even more with their cake prices. LOL

      Hahaha Anay, if you go live in Scandinavian country, please invite me to visit you.

      BTW, do you know about Roost, the cafe above Chawan in Bangsar? Can go try makan there. :)

    3. Sure you both are lovely couple and I would love to be your neighbours anywhere.

      I will definitely drop by to see the Roost.

  3. Never dine in Ikea cafe before. Both salmon dishes looked good but I will opt for yours. And oh my, the salted caramel cheese cake is so sinful.

    1. IKEA food are nice but it's always packed!

      Going early is better than arriving there for lunch, IMHO.

      The cake memang sedap!

  4. Quite long didn't go Ikea already, the place always crowded...

  5. How do you find the food in IKEA Cheras? Recently all I hear is kena bash teruk teruk, like totally sucks if compared with the Damansara one...

    1. I don't have any problems with the food there.
      What I do have problem though is the attitude of diners who can't seem to learn to clear their own table after eating anf leaving it a mess.


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