Post Run Miyagi Treat

Remember I mentioned in my earlier blog about treating myself to some salmon pre and post race day? ^^

Hubby and Son joined me for the treat at Miyagi, the Japanese restaurant in Bandar Baru Bangi too.
I had salmon teppanyaki.
Son had the beef teppanyaki.

By the way, he's wearing an "I Love Tochigi" t-shirt which was a present from a friend who lives in Utsunomiya.

Funny story, Hubby wore his "I Love Tochigi" t-shirt during the ASICS Relay run earlier this month, and a Japanese guy whose hometown is in Tochigi asked to take photo with him. LOL
Hubby had the udon nabeyaki with salmon don set.

I love this set and would order it if I wanted to eat something warm and filling to the tummy. 

The dinner was a nice treat not only for myself (for running in UM24) but also for my two guys who waited for me until I finished my run.


  1. A lovely treat. Nice to have someone asking for photo with your hubby. Haha. It has been a while since I had teppanyaki. I usually go for either chicken or salmon while hunby would not go wrong with beef. ^^

    1. It's a first for someone to ask to take photos because of the tee he was wearing and not because he is known to runners. LOL

  2. Again, salmon! hee..hee..

  3. That means both ur son and hubby have that "I Love Tochigi" tee? U ada tak?

    Ur anak bujang so besar panjang dy.

  4. I always remember you makan at Miyagi because I have a client with the same name too.

    This was like one in a million for the Japanese to spot your hubby wearing his hometown T-shirt!!

    1. Re the tshirt.
      We probably would get excited too if we see our hometown tee worn out of this Country 😀


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