Saturday's Birthday Outing

We were up and out early last Saturday, not because I had a race to run in but Son had class at school that he needed to attend.

While waiting forSon to finish his class, Hubby and I spent a bit of time walking around UM, following the route of a World Teacher's Day EDU Solidarity Walk & Run event which was a rather small event held that week at UM.

Then it was off for birthday gift shopping before lepaking at Bangsar watching KL Food Hunt participants raced around to complete their task with a pit stop in the area.
The birthday session was held at Chili's Mid Valley (which luckily for us, we went back before a fire broke at the mall later in the evening! @.@

It was Hubby's niece's 7th birthday and she had a Pokemon cake! So cute, right?
 Son had the Swiss Burger.
 Hubby had the Ultimate Beef Bacon Burger.
And I had the Ancho Salmon.

The salmon was nice, soft and flaky but I can't say I can taste the citrus-Chile sauce as it tasted bland and was better with some pepper and salt for me. Nothing to shout about for the rice.

Anyhoo, the really late lunch was nice and most of Hubby' siblings and family were there to celebrate the birthday. And that's what's important, right?

We left around 5pm and arrived home 10minutes to 6pm. I showered and changed into my running outfit and off we went to Putrajaya as I had ASICS Relay run to join afterwards. 


  1. Very cute pokemon cake. Kids! So pampered and lucky to have birthday party and nice cake nowadays. Haha.

    I love the look of the Swiss burger. Drooling.

    1. And then, more often than not, It's the parents yang go over the top with birthdays kan. Lol

  2. I like the Pokemon cake, so cute! Now you got me craving for burgers pulak LOL!

  3. OMG, I want the Pokemon Cake! xoxo

    1. I think you should have the Hello Kitty ones instead lah. No?

  4. Sounds like you had a super busy day! That pokemon cake is amazing! I'm sure the birthday girl would have been over the moon :)

    1. Yes busy but fun!

      The birthday girl was indeed happy.

  5. Wow! The cake is colourful and nice. These days the cakes for the kids & adults get very innovative and costly too.


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