Salmon Treat For The Weekend

Remember I joined UM24 and I did a 6-hours endurance run around the UM stadium track?

I experienced gastric problem that day and when that happens, I need to eat but the appetite is always gone and I had to choose something that could sooth the tummy.
The thing was, I also wanted to eat salmon, and just an hour plus before we made our way to UM, something warm, and soothing with salmon was expensive in Bangsar. LOL

I had Benji's Bangsar Village miso udon with flaked salmon. It was nice, salty and warm. Perfect for my tummy. But at a cost lah! RM38.00 per bowl!

What to do. I needed to run later.

Had my Gaviscon after the dinner and off we went to UM for the race briefing at 7.30pm and race itself at 8.00pm.
The one that had this happy ending. Hehehe

Despite purging a few more times later, after I finished my run, Hubby and I still made our way to the starting line of Augustman Run. 

I kinda lost my appetite already pretty much throughout the day on Sunday but I was glad that when dinner came, I was able to wallop my dinner.
Another salmon dish for dinner and this time, it's salmon teppanyaki at Miyagi, Bandar Baru Bangi.


And what a treat I had. Salmon for dinner two nights in a row! :-)


  1. Wow! I love that tray of yummy Salmon Teppanyaki. I miss Japan la.

    I always sympathize with you all who suffer from gastric problems. Recently a friend suffered gastric after eating dinner at my place and I panicked. I thought my food poisoned him but No! So I gave him Essential Oils to rub and it went off right away. Try Lemongrass & Clove Oils.

  2. Wow, that's an expensive bowl of Udon! xoxo

  3. Wiw. Not bad. With gastric you still could and finish it. Some more with a podium stand. Haha. Well done.

  4. Wah you banyak suka salmon. LOL!


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