The Family's Little Durian Learning Feast

With the help of my sister and her fiance, I "belanja" my siblings to a durian party because I wanted to eat durian and it's sure is no fun eating durians alone! Durian, you have to eat them with company. LOL

Hubby is not a big fan and although Son does eat them, he isn't all that crazy about them.

So when when my sister told me there's some durian clone selling cheap, I said OK immediately and the siblings arranged to meet in Putrajaya after work on Friday before the long New Year's weekend.

First of all, what is durian clone?
A durian clone is a descendant of a selected durian cultivar which is produced by vegetative reproduction, usually bud-grafting or inarching.

We got ourselves more than 10kg worth of durians of various clones and since Sis' fiance is a durian expert, we learn about each "buah" that was opened, the type and taking note as to the difference taste and texture of each durian that we ate.
The first one that was opened is the one that was "ditebuk tupai". Tupai ate it so the fruit is good lah!
 Another one.
 Aiyoh. Ini so cantik and sedap.
 Another one...
Pretty soon, we had stack of durians opened.
All waiting for the 6 durian-eating adults and a few kiddos to enjoy that night!

We makan the durians out in the open, picnicking on the pavement in front of Masjid Pink.

I guess other visitors ran away and try not be near us as nobody sits near to where we enjoyed our durians! LOL
Mounds of kulit durian already walloped by us.

We had different varieties that night which were:

  • D155 Sri Kaya
  • D2 Datuk Nina
  • D7
  • D190 Medur
  • D197 the famous Musang King
  • D125 Jantung
  • D24
  • D101
Quite a selection, right?

Some we love, some we weren't that much a fan of.

But more than that, got great company to makan durian and learn about them too. WIN!


  1. I love to eat durian too! Was drooling while reading your post.

    1. I was also drooling!
      And wish I can have some again now.

  2. Hi Lina.
    I can't eat too much of durians. Donno why. But this is the first time i heard of durian clone.

    1. Really?
      I guess you only eat the kampung ones?

  3. So true you cant eat durian alone, tak syok lah. Hence i miss my kaki durians ..suami tak minat anak apalagi ..ive never heard of durian clone so tonight i learn something new

    1. Ha! But Musang King, Red Prawn, XO are all clones!


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