Miyagi For Christmas Eve

Our nice eat adventures continues with another food post and another visit to Miyagi Resturant in Bandar Baru Bangi. It is, if you remember, our favourite Japanese restaurant.

It was over the long weekend and Mommy had just received her yearly bonus so splurge a bit lor...
Son had his current favourite - beef teppanyaki.
The two boys in full concentration over their meal.
Hubby had what I had the week before - kaki furai with sashimi set.
And I chose the yakiniku and sashimi set.


As always the food here is good. Generous portion. Service is ok too.

And we spent "only" about RM150 for a meal for three. What's not to like?


  1. Firstly a happy 2018 to you and family dear Lina. Again, its been awhile right..my apologies for my long absence dear. My gosh your son has grown so fast. Gahhhh we are now permanently based back here in KL, business in Siem Reap dah closed down as of last year. It was a trying challenging 2017 for my husband and me. Heres to a great 2018 for all of us and more visits from Cik Tee to your blog again hehehe

    ps : why cant i post comment using my wordpress id eh ?

    1. Hi Tima,
      Welcome back to Malaysia and Happy New Year!

      Hope 2018 will be great for your family.

      p.s. I have no idea about the comment part. Lemme have a look soon.

  2. Your favourite place. Nice meal. And nice treat from mummy.

  3. Hi. So, it's not your first time right? You must like the restaurant very much.

    1. Erk... cannot be the first time as we mentioned it as our favourite restaurant, right? Wakaka

  4. Yes the world remembers this Miyagi is your family's favourite! So lucky gal got bonus already. I will kutuk my boss soon!

    1. Anay's bonus is so big that's why Big Boss nervous gotta pay! LOL

  5. Good price for tasty food. Feels great to get bonus, right?


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