Dim Sum At Dorsett Grand Subang

Hubby, Son and I went to Dorsett Grand Subang on Boxing Day as a friend had wanted to treat Son for his achievement in PT3.
Mommy, Son and Doc Liza, who is a regular at this restaurant. Notice how the Boy towers over us two ladies? wakaka
While Mommy and her friend were busy yakking away, Son quietly filled up the dim sum order sheet and look at what the Boy ordered!

I have to say, Dorsett Grand Subang's dim sum are simply divine. (But at an equally divine price tag too. Hehehe) We were there on a weekday and if am not mistaken the all-you-can-eat dim sum is priced at RM78 nett per pax (min 2 pax). OK la, quite value for money as the dim sum were sooooo nice and I highly recommend the steamed squid ink bun with salted egg custard. The salted egg custard were literally dripping as we tear off the bun. Sedap!

The Boy was sure happy and Mommy was too as she loves dim sum. Hehehe

Thank you Doc Liza for an awesome lunch! *muaks*


  1. Your son is so handsome (and tall). He will grow even taller and next time you will have neck ache talking to him. Lol.

    Lovely treat. Dim sum. I kind of miss the variety. It has been a while since I had dim sum.

    1. Lol
      He has to bend down to talk to me lah!

  2. Goodness! The boy has grown so much. The last time I saw this little boy still pulling behind mummy's aprons.

  3. Happy New Year! Late wishes but better late than never, right? I love to eat dim sum too. Smart boy, knows how to order all the delicious dim sum while mommy is busy catching up with her friend. Generous friend to give all of you a nice treat!

  4. Bestnya! I haven't had dim sum in a while.

    1. I've had it a few times last week. LOL


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