Year-End Appreciation Dinner By Centrisoh S&M

I was invited to attend CentriSoh S&M Year-End Appreciation Dinner on Saturday, during the long New Year weekend.

CentriSoh had organised races and of which I had joined, such as P.S.P King of Forest trail run, Bangi Wonderland Nature Run and Precious Run. Collaborating and joining their events ha always been a great experience for me and I was honoured to be invited to attend their year-end dinner at Mosaic, Mandarin Oriental.
With the important people in the company.
And also the rest of the gang who ensured all of their events went smoothly.
Photos credit : KK Yum
Dinner was excellent of course.

I had a great time with such a great company.

Thank you again for inviting me and I wish CentriSoh future success and I look forward to join in the company's events soon!


  1. CentriSoh sounds like a bunch of fun and nice people! Food at Mandarin Oriental must be so delicious!

    1. Yes, they are.
      And the dinner was great, of course. πŸ˜€

  2. Nice dinner at such a posh hotel!


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