Asam Pedas Pit Stops In Melaka

We were in Melaka two weeks ago as I partcipated in Skyhawk Nature Run which was a 22K run held in the state.

The family had booked Kobemas Hotel which is located around MITC and the first business of the day upon reaching the area was google up good asam pedas place nearby MITC and Restoran Asam Pedas Ibu Ani Parit Jawa came up tops.
We arrived before the lunch hour crowd so the place wasn't full yet.

There were only Jenahak or Kembung fish available that day and not really wanting to eat too much (and also not break the bank), we just ordered two sets of Asam Pedas Ikan Kembung and an extra plate of rice.
 Our Ikan Kembung.

The asam pedas is nice and not too spicy. Sedap.
Ikan Kembung set that comes with ikan kembung (of course), rice with blanched beansprouts and fried egg.

Simple yet satisfying.

Other diners opted for Jenahak and the fish is only cooked upon order so diner had to wait for a bit for their order.

For dinner, we didn't want to stray too far from where we were staying so we opted to have dinner at the hotel's restaurant.
Kobemas Hotel has a pretty decently priced Asam Pedas set at RM9.90 per set if I remember correctly.
 We ordered 3 sets.

One tenggiri set.
One asam pedas pari set.
and one asam pedas daging tetel set.

These were much more spicier and sour than the one we had for lunch so I had to be careful in eating too much of the gravy in case I'd have tummy discomfort the next morning before my run.

From the three sets we ordered, the asam pedas daging tetel was the boys' favourite.

It tasted much more "lemak" compared to the fish asam pedas.


  1. Asam pedas for lunch and then for dinner. You must really like it :)

    1. Not because of that. Haha
      Asam pedas is nice.
      And anyway, go melaka have to cari a few good asam pedas place la 😝

  2. I prefer ikan pari (sting ray) cooked in assam ledas. Ikan kembung has that fishy smell if not cleaned and cooked properly.

  3. One day my wife asked me which fish I loved the most. I replied fried ikan kembong! Her eyes went BIG. I told her that my mum used to fry them crispy and I could finish 5-6 fishes per meal. I am so fishy today. LOLOL


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