White Brick Oven, An Artisanal Bakery In Sg. Buloh

A friend of mine, knowing that I love real artisanal bread (macam itu bread you eat in Europe lah...); had been recommending White Brick Oven located in Sg. Buloh for over a year now.

We couldn't find an excuse to drive all the way to Sg. Buloh before but we finally did it during the long New Year weekend because we wanted to visit a friend there.

So after our visit, we drove to White Brick Oven for a light lunch as we needed to head off to Bukit Jelutong afterwards.
The bakery is located in between houses lots and quite unassuming and very unpretentious.
A very calming atmosphere.

One can sit here, enjoy food slowly and just let the hours pass by while listening to cocks crowing and watch cats trying to enter the bakery with amusement.
I ordered pizza for the family. Vegetarian Pizza at RM24. Cheese, tomatoes and basil, if I remember correctly. Simple yet so nice.
The bread and pizza are baked in hand built brick oven and that certainly made the pizza taste much more special.

Hubby is a fan of bagels and there were some being sold but he declined my offer to get him some.
But I got myself a piece of fruitcake and shared it with Son.
A cup of cappuccino for me and lattes for the two boys to complete our meal.

We actually spent more than 2 hours at the bakery, just sitting and enjoying some quiet time.

Their menu list is small but you can have good, quality food and a nice atmosphere at White Brick Oven. It's like being at one's grandma's house (if one's grandma's is mat salleh and bake bread lah).

Customers do come in steadily and most spent time quietly enjoying a cup of coffee and maybe some bagels and scones.

The bakery is only open on Sundays from 9.00am to 6.00pm so being able to drop by and enjoy their food is a treat.

For those who wants to visit the place, it is located at:
1675a-1 Jalan Gajah 14, Kampong Kubu Gajah
Sungai Buloh
Tel: 011-1106 2368


  1. Love the yummy post, Lina! xoxo

  2. Sedapnya! I love this type of breads and pizza too.

    1. Memang sedap. And the ambiance is quite unique and rustic.

  3. Oooh those look so scrumptiously yum!!!! Hows the latte there? I'll have to mention this place to my friend.

    1. Quite decent and affordably priced too.

  4. I have heard about this bakery but like you said earlier, I just could not find an excuse to go all the way there for the home made bread. From your post, I am very tempted to just go all the way there for the food on Sunday.

    1. The bakery does seem quite well-known. But a bit out of the beaten path, which I think adds to its charm, yes?


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