Street Thai Food At Streat Thai

On Friday, on the eve of the long New Year weekend last year, the family decided to have Thai food for dinner.

I've been hankering for some Thai style salad (or kerabu) so Hubby suggested we try Streat Thai, located at The School in Jaya One.
Truthfully, I was still actually rather full because I had attended a ladies running group gathering at Bukit Kiara and we ate a LOT of dim sum there.

So I didn't order much but we chose individual sets for ourselves.

For me, I ordered Pad Krapow Beef with rice and fried egg.

Crazy spicy lah! There were lots of birds eye chilis in there! @.@

But sedap. Haha
The boys ordered Butterfly Pea Ice Tea & Salak Soda.
I ordered Taro smoothie to douse the flame of my Pad Krapow Beef. Hahaha

And I ordered Fish cakes for Son who already had a late lunch earlier.
Hubby ordered their Beef Noodles and the beef was good and so soft, you literally won't need to chew!
And lastly, this sedap and spicy (oh my tummy!) Papaya Salad.

Pity I was still full from my dim sum lunch earlier to fully enjoy dinner but it was good.

Our bill came up to almost RM70.00 and that was really because the drinks are expensive lah...

Food wise, the prize is quite reasonable.

If I have time to go to Jaya One again, I'll probably drop by Streat Food for another makan. ^^


  1. The beef noodle reminded me of the street food in Bangkok. ^^

  2. Thanks for the spicy warnings! I will order the beef noodle because I can't take spicy food.

  3. Sedapnya! I love Thai food. The pad krapow beef looks very kapow! and spicy. Dunno if I can tahan or not.

    1. Memang very kapow!

      It's like there's a fist full of cili padi in there! 😌😌😌

  4. The restaurants always hoodwinked the diners with their unsuspecting prices of drinks. I want to try this place because it is spicy hot. I will bring my own water! can?


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